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    Hello. My name is Ivan, I am 29, Live in Siberia, Russia.

    Since there are numerous abandoned blogs here, I’ve decided that there should probably be one more :)

    Don’t really know what should I highlight in the first post, I think that posting some pictures and rising some questions that bother me is good to begin with :)

    Here is mine all time results in hypers, started playing them in November, 2019.

    any date resultsHere’s the half of February. A lasting plateu bothers me a little bit since I haven’t probably changed many things in my game.


    Sinve we done with pictures, here are some questions:

    1. At the current moment I’m focused on stydying 3max BB vs sb,btn call spots being the shortest stack. How am I working on it?

    It begins with Icmizer, then I look at the marked hands in HM2 from a previous session, after that I review ~30 hands using filters for those spots to determine what I did wrong when I was playing.

    Honestly, it makes me tilt even when I review hands. Somehow I just cant memorise the ranges correctly, I even made some graphs to get a better understanding of these spots, but my brain still refuses to remember them :) I feel like there’s a complete mess in my head about these situations. I would appreciate any advice on this topic.

    2. The second question is heads up game.

    Honeslty, I never analysed my game in HU. A while ago I played HU using charts that are represented in HM2 popups, I have no idea about the kind of tournaments they were created for:)) Then I felt that this approach was, umm, “incorrect” :)) I’ve made some push/call tables using HRC for orientation during the game for 5-15bb. I also have some simple preflop charts for 6-25bb.

    So, first of all, there’s obviously lots of things to be studied.

    Secondly, there’s too much things to be studied at the same time :)))

    The plan is to sharpen my bubble game ( BB play focus now), then resteal and HU spots.

    I’d like to thank you those who managed to read it all :)) Have a nice day!

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    Hello. Here are some hands for discussion. Any opinion is appreciated.

    1.Those situaions apprear quite often. Here we have a standard resteal range around 16%.

    The problem is that there are many uknown guys with unpredicted ranges. Here we have just 20 hands. If we suggest that he opens arounf 35%, then we played correctly. How should have I played?

    2.  Just a reminder for me. In this spot the villain should push around 33% if I recall it correctly, even in that case call is 33+, but his range is actually tighter. As well as my call should have been.

    3. That looks like a hand from a study book:)

    SB actually made a standart range call and I busted next hand :) HRC says it was a +ev shove, even If I widen his range up to 9-10%, A5 is a shoving hand. But I think that MR/fold vs SB and MR/call vs BB is a better option here.


    Post count: 4

    I would also appreciate if someone take a look at my HU graph because I dont know what it should look like. Some advice will be very valuable :)hu

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