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    This blog will discuss:

    Learning psychoanalytic tools.

    -You are not your thoughts.

    -How to deal with conflict and tolerating difficult feelings.

    -Being critical with self-talk is ‘okay’

    -Managing difficult feelings–“I’m bad,” regret, guilt, “should have done this.”

    -Learning self-compassion-self talk, frame of mind.

    -Feelings do not appear in pure forms-we are conflicted.

    -Repetition compulsion.

    “You are not what you think, you are what you do.”


    Crushing American Online Poker Tournaments.

    -Playing on all the American sites.

    -Using software to analyze hands.

    -Write interesting hands.



    Contribute to this amazing community!

    –Stay Tuned



    (Will Update Every Sunday)

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    What’s up man!? Interested to see what you have in store for the blog after that intro.

    Be sure to join the discord app if you haven’t also. It’s an essential study tool imo. Tons of value in being active on there so get involved!

    good luck!

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    November 5th, 2019

    Title: You Have to Pause


    Psychoanalytic notes:

    Everyone realizes eventually that tension comes from who you think you should be, and relaxation with who you are. With the acceptance of ones self, we must learn to take care of ourselves each day. Take precious moments of peace.

    First steps:

    Ideas on self-talk:

    “There is something wrong with me,” “I am bad.”  When one locates a problem within themselves this becomes a black hole for energy, and it sucks energy away from self compassion. But, when self attack is critical and ways to improve oneself–it is okay.

    We have to learn how to tolerate and manage these difficult feeling. States like depression, anxiety, and fear are easier states for us to be in because they are comfortable and familiar. We have to learn how to have self-compassion and stop critiquing oneself.

    Self compassion for many of us is in a state of psychosis from social-media, being self-critical,and anxiety. Most of this is going on in the unconscious. DO NOT FEEL BAD- do not judge or be critical, learn to have the mindset of “that’s interesting.” Become curious as to why your doing it that way. Have the mindset that everything has a reason. Everything has a benefit or gain-even if we don’t see it.



    13 left

    7 handed:

    We have: 10d9d and 16bb

    folds to sb (80BB) who raises to 2.5bb

    We call. Flop is 10h jh 8d. Sb bets 3bb. We call. Turn As. Sb jams.

    I floated flop because i was playing on going with it on any non A or K. Keep his bluffs in. I asked friends and they all said to jam flop.

    Thoughts on hands?






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    Hey buddy, I’d suggest posting these hands in the discord app. You’ll get tons of great responses from experienced tourney players. Also when posting try to be more specific. What position were you in as far as chip stacks go? How many were paid? Were there very weak players or tiny stacks still left? all these factor into your decisions a ton

    IMO You played it fine. I think jamming flop is okay too. I don’t play tourneys full time however so again I’d highly suggest getting on the discord app and get active in the forums there. You won’t regret it. There is a TON of value on there. Just be sure to give all you thoughts when posting hands.

    good luck!

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    November 18, 2019

    Psychoanalytic Note: Honor the whispers of your soul

    Feelings buried never die. They must be acknowledged, acted on, and then we can let them go or be free.

    Don’t ignore those nagging feelings. These are unanswered calls.  Until we face them and bring them to light, no amount of pretending will make them go away.

    Care for yourself and let your heart guide you. Do not worry abut tomorrow difficulties because it will only drain you of today.

    Honor your souls whispers.


    Been on a tear on the American sites. Been cashing, playing good, and making deep runs.

    Really focusing on spots that are under bluffed by population to exploit.

    For example: We open MP (5h5d) Sb 3 bets we flat. (30 bb effective)

    Flop: Jh 7H 8H. Sb cbets small we call. Turn 9d. Sb checks we bet 30%, Sb calls. River Jd. SB checks we Jam.

    (Apologies for poor hand re player, can not find the hand.)




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    55  hand looks okay. Blocking at least some heart flushes is good. I’d rather use like KQ which blocks a bit more of his good PPs which may call and also has much better equity on the turn.

    You should still have a lot of Tx though and some flushes and a lot of your other flop floats pick up showdown. You could also turn some of them into a river bluff to force him off over pairs as they do block his strongest value hand more.



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