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    Something else besides poker. One of the things I like the most is vintage. Vintage watch, car, bike I love them all. I have been working on restoring a Cannondale 2004 vintage aluminum bike. The one that brought victory in Giro d Italia 2003 by Cannondale Saeco at that time.

    One of the biggest alu bike manufacturers in the word Cannondale has a name for great quality bikes that if take proper care last generations.

    I decided in the winter months to restore it to its original design with some added features.

    Here it is

    The specs:

    Cannondale Caad R3000 2004 bike

    – Slice Carbon Fork

    – Dura Ace 7700 bottom bracket

    – Ultegra 6500 9 speed groupset

    – Bontrager Team Issue Canccelara Saddle

    – Bontrager Race X lite wheels 1460 grams

    for those who are not into cycling tech it’s pretty boring, those who know their heritage will appreciate it a bit more.

    I am pretty proud of my project and looking forward to ride this great bike a few tours around.

    See you soon!






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    Very cool man! Do you do any races or just tours for fun?

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    So July is a hasbeen and I’m updating my blog with the month’s recap. Let’s start: July has been a bad month for me. And not only because my results were a bit off compared to the other months. First 10 days of July I have been on vacation and second part of July I just haven’t been able to get things going. Holiday laziness? Little bit complacent? I think so. Aggressive numbers like 3 bet have been dropped to 8% where they are like 10% in general. Cbets below 70% etc. All in all standards have been slipped a bit. Combine it with some UL deep and you instantly get remembered why its so important to play sharp and be relentless in setting higher standards. Ended the month around -€ 200 and thats fine. But good reminder not to let standards slip!

    So year really pumped up to be firing again in August. Have my mind totally in it resetting and striving for maximum effort from myself. One of the good things I think in myself is that I am able to handle criticism but also able to look realistically and self-critic. Ok, I have been UL in few spots deep on FT’s to get like 6th places. But If my other stuff was razor sharp I might have been able to have more FT or better conversion. We don’t know but what I do know is that I could have set higher standards. So yeah that’s what’s coming in August.

    Have been in the south of Sicily and I really recommend it there. The food, the wine, we rented a boat again. Cruising along the island. Life is just awesome in Italy. Back to work now, The grind is on!



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    It’s funny my 100th post is coming when I am in a downswing. Lets go:

    So this update will tell something about the way I experience a downswing and the way I am dealing, or say trying to deal with. One of the things that are really important is, to be honest with yourself. If you are not self-critic a lot of your errors will be explained as, cooler, top of the range and other reasons to actually justify your play and or show how unlucky you were. Does this sound familiar to you? It does to many actually and admitting this is already a big step into dealing with self-improvement, setting higher standards and eventually reach that status of being a mental warrior.

    So lets actually reflect this situation on myself. I have been running deep in a variety of games and every time deep in a few tournaments I haven’t converted one. Have been ul in a few spots. 70/30. But also did make a few ICM errors. So how bad did I actually run? And how many influences did I have?  We never know. But it’s easy to remember and blam unluckiness and leave with a good feeling. Then to analyze that 19 bb open shove with 44 on CO.

    Another big thing is improving on value betting. And taking aggressive lines. If we would have VB in 3 spots more we might have won an additional 15 bb that flip we lost of 15 bb and out we would have 15 bb left and fighting if we did proper value bet.

    Also, try to realize a 70/30 isn’t a slam dunk double. We have a 30% chance to lose! its actually quite a few times… Yes it’s starting to get rarer to lose 5 in a row on them, buts it’s not like somebody says each time he now it’s enough… those 30% is not connected.

    And what hidden feeling is actually feeding this. I think for some of us its unfairness for some its just rage but for some its definitely a thing that is called entitlement tilt. We have the strong feeling that the game owes us sth after all the beats we took, after all the study we put in after all we suffered yes we are entitled to that big win. Guess what we are entitled to jack shit.

    When you are a competitive person like me you have the inner feeling of hating to lose. It’s common it’s natural. When I used to play tennis and my opponent wasn’t better in any technical part of the game but had the patient to literally keep returning everything. I soon started to force things more than not ending in me making a mistake and losing the match. The same applies more or less to poker. When we lose vs a fish that is doing something stupid we have this inner rage coming up instead of being actually happy somebody is giving us free EV. Keep remembering that poker is a math % game. And that all we do is solving problems and making decisions with incomplete information. The best reward is having it solved with the highest % equity and making the right decision. See it as tennis players often do in high-pressure situations. Play point for point. Don’t let future results in. Ow if I win this flip i can go for FT, oh if I haven’t lost this flip I would be 3rd for sure….utter horseshit.

    This is something I look at each day when sessions haven’t gone my way or a DS is hitting me. I tell you once you actually really suck up this sentence it will ease the pain a lot.

    For all those winning keep the momentum alive, for all of us that are DS ing. We got this. We are an army that marches further. Keep studying strive for excellence raise your standards and See you soon on the other side!


    a man that keeps me so motivated to push through



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    Post count: 104

    So small update here. Things have been going slowly. Reason for this is: I will be moving next year to a new build house!

    Construction has been underway and its looking promising already! Blog will be updated later!


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    Hey what’s up!

    Started reading your blog made me realise i’m not studying as hard as i could, so thank you for that.

    I really like your approach on working on hand analysis and upping your vpip frequencies and betting tendencies, i kinda wanna follow up on that, since my 3 bet is too low and fold to 3bet way too high, plus some others frequencies are way off.  So my question is where do you get the numbers you are aiming for from, would be awesome to get an idea what i should be working towards.

    I’m mainly talking about, vpip BB, 3bet, fold to 3bet, 4bet, cbet flop, fold cbet flop, cbet turn, fold cbet turn.

    Any chance you can elloborate on this, would be much appreciated!

    Nice bike! great way to clear your mind and pick up energy for sessions!



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    Hi there. Thanks for dropping by and I enjoy your nice words.


    My first tip would be assessing your winrates in Holdem Manager. Try to take the largest sample as possible. You cant send me a PM on discord or put it here and I will take a look.

    Then I can advise you more on this area. Now it is too broad and it wont help you much either. I found out in order to improve significantly identify your current state first and work on 1 by 1 taking those things first that have the highest impact on your win rate. It will make the process more enjoyable and you notice the improvements faster helping your motivation a lot.

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Improvement of non-poker related items.</p>

    I spoke with a very good player over non-related poker stuff that influences your ability. Some more than others, but to be a complete player I strongly agree that all factors must come together. It’s like being Woods or Rodger Federer all his important stuff is on levels beyond imagination for most people. What do you get? Excellence. His never-ending story to improve to set the highest standards is just a perfect recipe for success. And yeah not many people have that in themselves, but it’s at least inspiring.

    When I look at myself, I see several items that are currently subject to some much-needed improvement. And I have to be honest it took a while to really let them sink in and to realize yes, they are a factor. You can’t be just good at poker anymore and leave the rest for what it is. Others are there who do everything and do it to a degree of perfection. I realized it I think 2, 2,5 years ago, but only this year I really took action. And its, unfortunately, a bumpy road full of failures and standing up but once you do set sail you really see you get somewhere, just give it some time. And believe you can do it.

    Right now, the best improvements that I could make toward being a better player is having better nutrition. I do cycle a lot but I also do have a very burgundy lifestyle, wine, whiskey, food, cheese, the meat I tend to enjoy them all. Nowadays being a step-dad for 3 children relieves me from the drinking duty a lot fortunately but when I was a bachelor, I went at it every week. And I see so much more productivity lately. I try Peaches vegan diet now every odd week but I still crave for meat. Even when in the weeks I eat vegan I feel so much more energy. Why am I weak in this? Still undecided. But yeah moving over totally would bring me with an even better energy level and focus.

    The second item is distractions while playing. It used to be the phone that is a has-been fortunately now I sometimes get distracted on discord. Discusses it and going to keep myself to a high standard doing this. At least try very hard; every spot can be important and when u miss one it will all add up.

    The last one is my mental game. I am really driven towards perfection ask a lot form myself and sometimes you think you are not worth it because u make this mistake and you find that unacceptable. I need to learn that making mistakes is a very healthy way of learning and is inevitable. It’s not an overnight process and see it as a stack of paper each day a single one. But they WILL add up over time…

    So good subject to be writing off on and hopefully by writing this down I keep holding myself to a higher standard and keep developing myself in areas that at first sight have nothing to do with poker but DO matter…

    I made very good improvements this year on the 15-26 bb area, that will be my next post..
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>This quote got me last week and I want to share it.</p>


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    Hi Guys back at it again.

    The title says it all. Where I ended last time I was in a really good place. ABI raised to 40 from 23 and to be honest due to my inexperience I misjudged actually what that meant. Building a new house and moving up isn’t a great combo.
    So arriving all of a sudden at 50, 109 games I actually treated them as the normal bread and butter. And it took me a month or 2 to realise in order to move FW I have to do one step back. So here I was again reviewing 10-15 and 16-25 BB spots. As you move up in stakes especially on party opposition tends to grow with it. When you underestimate is you will very soon be behind. Blaming variance is what most people do and they actually keep going at it for a while. For me it took 1 month to realize that I was doing it and I went back to the drawing board. A lot is changing when you actually double your ABI, value is still very descent around the corner but you are all of a sudden more and more battling with other regs. Your mission isn’t solely to exploit fish but also to exploit regs. A new ballpark. One of my positive points is that I realize when I fall short somewhere. I accept my miscommings and inabilities and I seek at that point for outside help.

    I got introduced to a very nice guy playing around 80 abi now. Played pretty high in the early days but now sat back and he was actually a great person to get in contact with since he experienced the same journey.

    All of a sudden I realized yeah this is a new area my poor results are not solely coming to variance. I need to change stuff myself. As long as you are sure you stay critic but also opens to constructive criticism you are really on the right path to take the next step. Open up your ego acknowledge you have shortcomings do a step back and move 2 steps FW thereafter.

    One of the good things to do this is to review your sharkscope very critically. Early exits? Late finishes? Keep an eye on all those to see if you are on the right path. Raise your standards and you will see the difference in the end. Don’t blame variance or bad luck. Invest in yourself.

    After a month of this, I went for it in November and things are lining up nicely atm. I made sure my stats were on par again, 23/19/10 with proper RFI’s proper frequencies. I revised the basics again, shortstack game, 3 bet spots learning how to treat diff opponent types and dealing with the regs on my new ABI. The help from my mentor was really sth that made me grow so much faster. I raised the standards I started converting again and going deep and at my new ABI! Great The month fallback made me stronger than ever really ready to take the next big step in 2020.

    So leave your ego, don’t blame variance and realize its YOU that makes the higher standards. Don’t try to do 2 big things at once. December will be more on grinding since January will be more on moving.

    Good luck to those who are improving. And be back soon with my monthly report for December.

    Some stats from last month

    Stacksize working areas


    Link to big size

    Zoom in

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    Amazing self awareness man! That alone is such a massive edge on most players. Constant growth, and constant self analysis are the most important characteristics one can have in this game imo.

    good luck this month!

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