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    – postflop sizing

    I distinguish my sizing into four groups depending on the hand I have and the enemys range.

    1. 35% Pot Size Bet – using this size for value when I have the nuts and expect the enemy to fold on a bigger size or I use it as small bluff conti bet and also using it when I am sitting on a draw and want to keep the pot small
    2. 48% Pot Size Bet – this is my typical conti/value bet size, I am using it when I think I am ahead or expect the enemy to miss the flop.
    3. 61% Pot Size Bet – using this size when the enemy is a calling station as value bet or against week players as bluff bet and also in multiway pots were I am ahead and the board is dry
    4. 82% Pot Size Bet – using this size in multiway pots when I am ahead and the board is dangerous or I have the nuts on the river and expect the enemy to call anyway

    My postflop raise size is the same as preflop 2,5x, I am using it in case I face a small donk bet, I expect a total bluff or a weak semi-bluff from a player with weak nerves.

    I like your exploitative approach, especially for lowstakes.

    But 35% you should also use for protection bets and denying equity, mostly vs BB defends. So for example, if you have KQs BU vs BB and the board is 732rainbow, you just want to make him fold his 6 outers. And the best sizing for it is 33%-40% pot size.

    – stealing/restealing

    I did add to stats about stealing to my HUD, the total steal and total fold to steal. In general this gives me the information I need to implement the following.

    • tot steal >50% defend way more in the BB or 3-bet more in SB

    Very dangerous! Add raise first in from CO,BU,SB

    CO: >32% raise first in is loose and you should start adapting
    BU: >50% is pretty loose (3bet more from SB, defend more from BB)
    SB: >55 is pretty loose (3bet and defend more)

    Asabans guidelines are just basics, but very good basics. Once you feel save you have to take the next step and also be able to adjust your strategy ingame in order to maximize your edge.


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    Hey falli, thank you for your feedback. About the preflop sizing question, the answer is yes, I open 4x in BTN and SB in the „very early“ stage, but not in the „early“ stage.

    Basically you are right, a good player with HUD and enough sample size could exploit my postflop strategy/sizing, but I don’t expect it from 98% of the players I face as opponents, especially at a max. 1,3$ BI.

    To be honest, I don’t understand what you try to recommend me, would be awesome if you could explain that more precisely.


    I have this one hand I wanted to discuss, and would appreciate any input. A few more informations, UTG is a very aggressive player, I have a 70% EV against the UTG’s range when CO fold to the AI on the turn, against both enemys I have a 59% EV on the turn.


    Poker Stars $1.00+$0.10 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t50/t100 Blinds + t10 – 8 players – View hand 3038762
    DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

    UTG+1: t5707 M = 24.81
    Hero (MP1): t8876 M = 38.59
    MP2: t5148 M = 22.38
    CO: t8423 M = 36.62
    BTN: t16173 M = 70.32
    SB: t4431 M = 19.27
    BB: t4940 M = 21.48
    UTG: t8740 M = 38

    Pre Flop: (t230) Hero is MP1 with J :diamond: A :club:
    UTG raises to t300, 1 fold, Hero calls t300, 1 fold, CO calls t300, 3 folds

    Flop: (t1130) 4 :diamond: 9 :heart: J :heart: (3 players)
    UTG bets t848, Hero calls t848, CO calls t848

    Turn: (t3674) 5 :diamond: (3 players)
    UTG bets t7582 all in, Hero calls t7582, CO folds

    River: (t18838) 3 :diamond: (2 players – 1 is all in)


    My question here is if you would raise the flop, fold on the turn or call like I did. I ask this given the fact that we are in early game and I can bust out so early, which I did against KK. I want to know this in general, do you risk a bust out early into a tournament if it’s mathematically correct?

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    @falli & ben
    I am getting a little bit confused here , falli dislikes my postflop game and ben likes it, is this because falli maybe didn’t really put the lowstake factor in perspective?

    I think I get the point about the protection/denying equity size. I would most likely use the 48% pot bet in the given example. But in case the enemy missed the flop I can expect him to fold on a smaller bet as well and if he continues the hand the pot remains small and I can revaluate on turn card easier.

    About the stealing stats, the first in stats (still called steal in HM2) are more specific and therefore easier to use, but I find it difficult to get a decent sample size to be able to use them. To reach a sample of 5 hands I need to play about 150 hands against the player.

    Yeah, I am starting the progress of improving my strategy step by step.


    As I mentioned earlier I wanted to do a full review of every hand I marked so far. Altogether I reviewed 55 hands, 19 hands I marked again as equilap „question“, 6 out of the 55 hands I am not sure about and for the remaining 30 hands I found an answer myself. The result of analyzing this 30 hands are the following leaks:

    • to much bluffs/semi bluffs in multiway pots
    • if the enemy isn’t a total donk, just make decisions on pot odds noting else
    • giving up hands to late

    In 3 hands I did something I wasn’t able to relate to anymore, it looks just stupid. For example, I raised on a turn with a strong draw, instead of just calling, I had the right odds for the call but decided to make them worse with the raise.

    Almost all the leaks I found are problems I already wrote down earlier, the reason for that is I reviewed the past 3.5 weeks, of course I didn’t come up with a solution on some problems right away, which is the reason I did repeat the same mistakes for a while. I really could see my progress while reviewing this hands, in the beginning I still had the multiway problem later I didn’t need to mark any more of these spots, same with other beginner leaks.


    The next topic I want to focus on is flat calling against open raises, in position. How do you guys approach this? Do you simply compare the enemys range with your hand and decide if you have >50% EV?

    I am thinking about hands I don’t 3-bet like Ajo, suited connectors, suited aces etc. for flat calling. At the moment I flat call by gut feeling and skimming through the HUD stats.

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    Day 13

    I have an average poker day behind me, nothing special happened. One of the standard days were you don’t get the magic to happen. If I don’t make some major mistakes on this kind of days I will still count them as good poker days, you get suckouts everyday, this is nothing that bothers me or can effect my mood.

    Day 14

    I had a really good day at the tables, had two deep runs, one of them was 17th out 6514 players and plenty of other good runs. Overall it was a profitable day, couldn’t make it to a FT but I had a few nice shoots. With 11 hours of playing poker I broke my personal record, felt pretty good even though it was such a long session.

    Game Analyse

    Today I started to mark every hand I find interesting, I have questions about or want to review for some other reason. I also made notes to every hand with paper and pencil. I want to review the hands and my thoughts on the hands to improve my skill and detect leaks. I want to include this analyzing progress into my learning sessions or maybe analyze my play right after short sessions, if there is time and energy left.

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    Day 15 – getting closer

    I am doing something right here…today I finished a tournament in 13th place, was very short with 6bb and pushed T7s got called by 99 and that was it. Will crush the next one ;)


    • had smth. like 4 hands were I check raised the flop as bluff with overcards were the enemy shouldn’t hit the flop and then folded on a reraise

    How to improve

    • if I check raise in this difficult spots I should have atleast some equity for a call
    • I really need a decent stack to do so
    • check raise less against aggressive player


    About the analyzing I recently started, it was the second day writing notes and I already have the feeling this could be a huge benefit for me. How could you remember each hand and your thoughts even if you mark just a few, it’s impossible but if you write everything down, short after the hand, you can recap it much better at a later point in time.

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    @falli & ben
    I am getting a little bit confused here , falli dislikes my postflop game and ben likes it, is this because falli maybe didn’t really put the lowstake factor in perspective?

    yes, exactly. Fallis approach is more “GTO”.

    Often in poker one can say either exploitative and GTO are correct. You would still make money with GTO on lowstakes, yet not the maximum. Thats why you should try to play very exploitative.

    For example your AJo hand. GTO wise it is a snap call. Exploitative probably a snap fold. Why? This is a spot people rarely bluff with such huge sizings hence I would even fold such a strong hand here.

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    I also like the exploitative approach on the lowstakes thats for sure. But I think its important to understand the theory that you can compete with better opponents. And when you know this you can exploit your opponent even better.

    So be sure to understand why you use certain sizings and when you should differ from them.

    Greetz falli :)

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    Day 16 – gambling and failure

    What a tough day, it was the hardest one I had to experience so far, you ask why? I will tell you everything and will be totally honest, I took a trip to the dark side. It was the first time I really struggeled with my mindset and made irrational decisions in terms of bankroll.

    Like most of you guys will know, this sunday was the 6th anniversary of the sunday storm on pokerstars and I got very excited about it. So I wanted to play the tournament, even though it’s out of my bankroll. As I am taking bankroll management as serious as I take this whole journey, I needed to win a satellite in order to do play it. I don’t even think it’s a mistake to play the sunday storm because I probably have an edge on the average player, atleast in this anniversary edition with over 100k entries.

    So I registered a 1,1$ MTT satellite but I busted out soon, I registered another one and sucked out again, I tried two more shoots on a 25 star coin satellite and the donkeys kicked me out twice more. I think you can already guess the problem, everytime I got kicked out I entered a new satellite, I ended up with registering one last 3,75$ 6-max satellite, which I actually won but that’s not the point. The point is I got obsessed to enter this tournament and wasted more and more money.


    In the sunday storm I collected a few more suck outs which broke my confidence and I got really mad, after I got knocked out of the tournament I wanted to „pull the plug“ and protect myself from more damage.

    But there was something that stoped me, this one quote flashed through my mind:

    „We all get knocked down, it’s the guy that keeps getting up, that’s the person that’s gonna succeed and obtain his goals in life.“ ~ Guy Cisternino

    I thought about this for a moment and asked myself how could quitting benefit my progress, how could this ever affect my character building process in a positive way? There was just one thing I could do, I needed to get back up! I shaked off all the negativity and went into a focused and determined state of mind. I followed my normal tournament schedule and played my a-game with confidence and joy. My advice to everyone is to get up once more then you get knocked down and never quit, period!


    For those of you who think „what’s the problem after all, he is so dramatic and exaggerates the whole thing and he even ended up winning a seat which make up his losses“, you have to understand that this was huge disappointment for me and the first time I really struggeled with my mindset. Like I wrote in the introduction text, I tried this here once before and ended up with a broke bankroll. Today I stepped towards this direction again, this is the reason why I make so much noise about the few dollars. I felt the attraction of the dark side and we all know well enough how sweet the cookies of the dark side tastes ;)

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    Yes, perfectly explained =)

    Post count: 1331

    In this case you might have been able to escape from tilt. And I highly respect this. But, sometimes, we need to take a break. Therefore you need to have a high sense of self awareness and self reflection. So its important that you dont use these kind of quotes as an excuse to keep playing and chasing loses. If you are able to maintain your A-Game eventhough you are running horribly, fine, keep playing, but when you feel you just want to chase and you dont want to finish the day with a negative result, STOP!

    But I am glad you managed to escape from the dark side ;)

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    Yes Ben you are totally right, sometimes we just have to take a break, not just if we get emotionally. Noone ever can be at his best 24/7 and there will be times were all the drive you can have won’t change that. Luckly I feel like I have a high sense of self awareness and reflection in terms of running tilt, anyway I understand your advice one hundred percent and really appreciate it.

    I will try hard to never chase looses, instead always chasing dreams!

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    Day 17

    Started the day a little bit late, had to figure out some real life stuff. Still ended up being a 7 hour session, felt like this would be the day I finally smash a FT. Unfortunately I busted AK against AQ in the best run I had this day. Had a terrible missclick today, not much I can do about it, things like this can happen. Tomorrow I want to write a resume of my first month into lowstake MTT’s.


    Week 4

    The stats:

    • played 57 MTT’s + 7 freerolls
    • had 3 nice deep runs
    • earned a total of 7$
    • played 35h, 31m

    There is still so much to learn, after starting to make notes for every session I realized how much questions I have about certain spots were I am sure to loose a lot of equity. Was very close to hit a final table and I am happy how I busted out in my deep runs. I didn’t make major mistakes or something like that. So it’s just a matter of time until I ship a tournament and if I continute to break even moneywise, I should have a lot of time left to do so. I am a patient dude and not in a rush so I keep on doing what I am doing.

    About working out in the gym, I just managed to visit the gym twice this week, in the schedule for the next week I planned to go 5 times, so I can get back on track.

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    Month 1

    Okay guys I did it, one entire month of online poker. This will be a summary of everything that happened in the last 4 weeks, not just poker but also about my life and how everything is going. This will be a very long post, let me apologize in advance, maybe someone will still find the time to read it and provide any feedback.


    Results and Stats

    • played around 115 hours in 17 days
    • 212 tournaments (freerolls included)
    • down 21,42$

    I think my results are totally fine, not sure if 212 tournaments is a reasonable sample size but to me it looks like I am pretty much break even. Given to the huge variance in MTT’s I think it’s a positive thing to swing around the break even point for a while. To put the result in perspective to my bankroll I am just about 6% down. You could argue that the hourly rate is really horrible but it’s all about winning tournaments, for example if I make the first place in a small 1,1$ tourney tomorrow, I would win approximately 250$ which would boost my hourly rate extremely.

    Could it be better? Of course, I could improve my play faster, just run hot to the right time or win the lottery. I think it’s much more important to not running bad and the most important thing is progress. As I still improve my game and try to improve my results everyday, I guess I am doing fine.

    Maybe I am wrong about this and my progress is to slow after all, you guys have way more experience, I invite everyone to be my „progress-judge“.


    Strategy and Stats

    Here is a screeshot from HM2 with all hands I played so far:

    This stats are the result of the strategy I revealed in earlier posts. A huge part of my strategy I did adpat from asabans lowstak MTT guide on pokerstrategy and some other ideas I collected here and there.

    The stat bb/100 is for all I know the best/simplest way to see if someone is a winning player or not. Not sure if my sample size is decent enough though, on day 18 I had a bb/100 from 32,9 which would boost the overall stat about 10%. Anyway it’s obvious that my blind game is my biggest weakness, which brings me to my next topic.


    Leaks and how to improve

    Blind Game: If I just compare the VPIP/PFR gap in all position I can see that the gap is the biggest in the blinds. I think there are two main reasons for this, the first one is that there are more players in front of me therefore there will be more open raises by nature. The second reason is defending/calling my blinds to wide.

    Being too tight: In general I feel like my game is too tight, as my postflop game is improving I think I should start loosing up a little bit. Until know I pretty much played just my charts and not the enemy. So my first step in loosing up could be to adjust my range against the enemys range. I don’t like the idea of playing weaker hands, instead playing the same hands just in weaker positions. Looking forward to the RYE preflop ranges Ben mentioned earlier.

    3Bet: I also think that my 3Bet range is too tight, especially on lowstake MTT’s. First step to loose them up is also about adjustments based on the enemy.

    Push-call preflop/postflop: A very tricky topic, feels like everybody is just freaking nuts on my stakes. How often did I fold to a preflop 3bet/push with AKo just to see my enemys battling 77 against AJo. Or even worse spots, were I 3bet with two guys in the hand, the original raiser calls, the second guy pushes, I fold and the open-raiser calls and they go to showdown with KQo against K4s.

    Postflop I also get in this „FUCK YOU I’M NUTS“ spots were I get check raised AI with one of just two types of hands, nothing or monster. I have no idea how I could solve these spots, especially against unknown player. Okay, with weak hands I can always fold given the high amount of risk and play it more exploitative. But what do I do with TPTK 60 BB deep in the tournament, should I try to use a GTO approach and if so, how can I approach this?



    In my first four weeks I spent the most time to internalize the acquired basic strategy understanding to have a edge on my current BI level. As I gained more experience at the tables my confidence increased and my a-game got better from time to time.

    The hardest part is always to get started, to find a starting point on what you need/want to learn next. You can really get overwhelmed by all the stuff you find in the internet. So I was happy to have the beginners guide by asaban, from this point on I tried to improve by myself. One very important step was to start to analyse the own game in terms of marked hands. At the moment I feel like this is a good way to increase my edge and improve my game by reducing leaks. I think I can go on with this tactic for a while.

    One thing I changed about my learning process, is to plan more specific what I want to learn on each day, this helps me to kickoff my learning sessions faster which was a little problem in the past. Also I pay more attention to the quality vs quantity aspect.


    Poker Goals

    It’s time to update my poker goals for the next four weeks. The old goals will remain unchanged, but I want to add a few new goals.

    I would like to reach the chrome vip status till the end of the month. I need 5,5 more steps to reach this and I also want to obtain the status for April. This goal may sound to easy to reach but I have a few long shifts at my part-time job in the next two weeks, so it could get close.

    I want to increase my average bb/100 value by 100%, I really think I can make this happen. At the moment my stats are still affected by many beginer mistakes and leaks.

    If I can reach my next goal is depending on my general success. If I would end up with a +50$ on my bankroll I would like to cash this 50 bucks out and open up a party poker account with it, I just want to give the side a try.

    So this is the list of my current poker goals and milestones:

    1. Learn a little each day
    2. Climp the buy-in ladder
    3. Play my first live tournament until the end of August
    4. Reach and optain vip chrome status on pokerstars
    5. Increase bb/100 value by 100%
    6. Create a party poker account


    1. Get the bankroll +100$
    2. Reach a FT


    About life – Gym

    At the beginning of my journey I set the goal to visit the gym four times a week, one month later I have to admit that I just made it 12x into the gym, which is three times a week. I didn’t reach my initial goal because of several reasons, there are three main reasons. The first one is poor planning of my weekly schedule, the second one is laziness and the third reason is about other priorities. Training the fourth time in the week is less important to me than poker related things like creating this blog or learning.

    The goal will remain the same and I try to improve in every aspect that hinders me to reach it. For example I started to go training after playing poker if it fits in my sleep-schedule and I just loose some free time.


    About life – Nutrition

    One of my other initial goals was to eat more healty, in my case eating more healty goes hand in hand with training in the gym. I wanted to get back in shape, to reach this it’s not enough to workout, to build muscle and loose fat nutrition is atleast 50 percent of the necessary work.

    I couldn’t improve my nutrition at all, which is actually not a bad thing as my nutrition was sufficiently well to obtain the shape I had. The sad thing is that I couldn’t improve, eventhough my training and maybe even my performance at the poker tables would benefit from this.

    The main reason I couldn’t improve is missing time, preparing healty food needs so much time if you follow a strict nutrition plan, like I would have to do to reach my goal. Also I don’t enjoy cooking, it is the other way around with working out at the gym, we all know it’s easier to do stuff we love. What very sad is, I won’t have the time to work on this topic in the next two weeks. I am not sure about my roster for April but at the moment it looks like I will have some more free time which I could use to work on my nutrition.

    One positive thing, atleast I get in the one apple a day to keep the doctor away


    About life – my social life

    In my social life everything is going well, I did spent a few more hours in real life and less online.

    I almost thought I am addicted to computer games, luckly I found out that I am not addicted at all. My consumption was drasticly reduced when I started with my poker job, I think it dropped from something like 30 hours to an average of 5 hours a week. I don’t miss the gaming, it’s just a little bit sad I can’t hang out with my friends in the evening anymore, we normaly talked and played video games together everday. The dudes I hang out with are not just online friends, they are my lifetime friends and they decided to study far away which makes it difficult to meet up offline. But I really appreciate the time we spent together more than ever.


    About life – sleep rhythm and recovery

    There is this one thing that is annoying when you have a deep run, it crushes the normal sleep rhythm. If we combine all my working hours from poker, my part-time job, learning, training at the gym etc. we get a decent amount. Because of this it’s very important that I get my 7-8 hours of sleep, but if I run deep in a tournament I can’t go to bed at my regular time and therefore I have to wake up later if I want to keep my 7-8 hours of sleep. What happens is my whole daily schedule gets fucked up. Obviously I can’t change my working roster, so there is always something different I have to cut out of my schedule, most of the time it will be working out or learning. In rare chases I can use a short session to visit the gym during the night, but this is just helpful if I had to cut out the workout in the morning, training twice a day is not possible given the fact I go very intense and don’t train like a pussy

    This is something that bothers me and I would like to hear how you guys handle this stuff, just get awake at the same time and hope you can go to bed earlier on this evening?

    For those of you who work out before the poker sessions I have another question. If I work a big muscle group like legs or back I need to rest before I start the grind. At the moment I try out power napping, I set the alarm clock to 34 minutes which leads to ~20 minutes of sleep, after that I go into the shower. I read that some of you meditate, I don’t know anything about that but I guess it’s more beneficial for the mind than the body. What are your secrets guys?

    In general I would like to here how you guys start off your morning, it takes me quite a while before I am ready to be productive, have you any tips for me?

    Also there is the upcoming change to summer time in germany, not sure how this will affect me.


    About life – part-time job

    I am pretty happy about my part-time job, it’s pretty much the opposite of playing poker. It’s less mental work and mostly physical work. It’s just annoying that the most shifts start in the afternoon, which makes it impossible to play poker the same day. In the next week I have some really long night shifts, like 15 hours which sucks but on the other hand I can work less days if my shifts are so long and therefore have more time for poker.


    About life – distractions

    A little story about distractions while grinding. Last week I watched the livestream of pokerstars championship panama with the german dream team commentators consisting of Martin Pott, Jens Knossalla and Ben, I watched them during the grind. At some point Ben mentioned how important it is to be focused and blocking the whole world out if you want to play at your best. It’s funny and sad at the same time, that the distraction that kept me from playing at my best told me to block everything out. I have to admit that Ben was absolutely right and I felt caught out. There was no way I would miss this great content but I had to watch it later, when I had just one table left I started watching again. I think it’s acceptable to do so as it’s all poker related, very entertaining and I can collect some knowledge while watching.

    In general I didn’t do other stuff while grinding, just some browsing in the youtube feed or the RYE forum during the breaks. But already this is distracting my game and I start loosing focus, the breaks should be about recovery instead. For the future I want to block everything out with just few exceptions like doing poker related stuff while playing just one table, in this case I really have some mind-brain capacity left to do other poker things.


    Life Goals

    My life goals didn’t change at all, even though they are really tough to reach I won’t change them or make them easier to reach, I think this would be the wrong approach.

    I want to add one thing to my list, which is finding some time to work on my bankroll manager software. I need to fix some bugs and wanted to add some features, normaly I would count this as a „life goal“ but as it’s something I struggled with for quite a while I need to put it out there to get myself reminded and to put some pressure on myself.

    So this is the updated list of my life goals:

    1. Get in the Gym 4 times a week
    2. Eat more healty
    3. Get more out of the apartment
    4. Work on the bankroll manager software



    About this blog, my initial thought that writing this blog would benefit my journey immensely didn’t change after all, I already would say it became part of my life and it’s very important to me.

    I was a little bit worried about my english skills but I think everyone can unterstand me and I made some improvments already. Writing in a different language and not about a particular easy topic is hard, especially to find the right words sometimes.

    The number one reason why I am blogging is for myself, to document the journey and progress. But it takes me a huge amount of time to do so, therefore I am glad for everyone that takes the time to read some entries. A special thanks to Ben and everyone that already gave some input or maybe will do so in the future. I really appreciate you for taking some of your valuable time to support me, even though you won’t benefit from it yourself.

    If there is anything I could do to make this blog more interesting or more pleasurable to read let me know, also every other advice is highly appreciated.

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    Day 18

    Not a very special day, I played solid poker and was happy at the end of the day, even though nothing big was accomplished. But to gain experience is not a bad thing after all

    Day 19

    In some parallel universe I crushed the big 1,1$ and won the tournament for over 600 bucks, in this universe I busted in 31 place for 8,89 bucks. If I am dissapointed? Yes, of course I am dissapointed but I am not dead yet, not broke, still young, still ambitious and if you ask me if I will crush it next time my answer would be this: Yes, absolutely!

    I just have to be patient and the next time this universe will be the universe every parallel universe personality want to be the Marius in it.

    Post count: 1331

    Could it be better? Of course, I could improve my play faster, just run hot to the right time or win the lottery. I think it’s much more important to not running bad and the most important thing is progress.

    Makro patience vs Micro Speed. Have you heart about it ?

    Okay, with weak hands I can always fold given the high amount of risk and play it more exploitative. But what do I do with TPTK 60 BB deep in the tournament, should I try to use a GTO approach and if so, how can I approach this?

    Nothing one can explain in a few sentences. A bit topic. One rule which helps you right away. With toppair hands >50bb we call Flop +Turn and fold River. X/R Flop, bet turn, bet River is a line people hardly bluff. SO once he bets/jams the River you can easily let go of your hand.

    Indeed, it looks you are very tight. What hands do you open from SB/BU?

    One advice for bigger updates:

    At the end or upfront, give some cliffs. You start your initial post with “Hi guys, big update coming, here some cliffs…” (and then followed by wall of text ;) )

    Really glad to see your progress so far and your awareness about health, social life, nutrition, sleep etc… Most give a fuck about these topics.

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