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    @kweezy14 Correct my friend, I wrote myself an exact schedule on which day of the week I want to work on each specific topic. My plan is to rewatch each Masterclass video, write a new summary, create some learn cards and do the homework from each video.

    This week (18.11-24.11)

    My main focus for this week will be to study the game. I wont be able to play more than two sessions this week. I will have to travel a lot because I will visit some friends and it’s my mums birthday. My main goal is to stick to the poker warmup routine before grinding on Saturday and Sunday and also meditate every day.

    – volume goal: 40 tournaments

    – review goal: watch playing OOP as PFA and IP, create a new summary and learncards for these topics + new openraise ranges

    – 1x meditaion per day

    – warmup routine

Viewing 166 post (of 166 total)
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