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    @sir_djun I forgot to add the video but the size is to big so I’ll just post the link here:


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    Sorry to hear about your grandmother….

    Good luck with the goals this month! Get that volume goal!

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    📜Monthly Update!📜


    Hi there! Thanks for your compassion @mariano


    Where to start..

    I’ve read most of the days but not all of them, I’ve meditated twice, my sleep schedule was total garbage the first 3 weeks, and I’ve only spend 120 hours on poker.



    If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember my goal from April: spend 180 hours on poker. I accomplished this goal which I was very proud of btw, but only because I implemented 1 thing; keeping a daily schedule.

    Cause the thing is.. normally I give myself a break whenever I feel like I need, want or deserve one. But if I don’t tell myself, that I can only have a break for 30 minutes, it will always be longer. I think we can all relate to that, think about that lunchbreak at school from years ago. You’re enjoying your sandwich and all the sudden you hear the bell ringing, everybody gets up but you’re still sitting there, thinking you had all the time in the world to eat that sandwich, but now you have to eat it in Komodo dragon style. (Not the best moment to impress girls)

    So for this month I will make use of a daily schedule again!



    I’ve read out this book called “the subtle art of not giving a fuck” It got recommended multiple times in the RYE #books channel, so I had to give it a try. And I have to say, I am very pleased with it. It’s easy to read, and now and then, the writer uses his sense of humor which makes it even more enjoyable to read;

    “People aren’t just born not giving a fuck. In fact, we’re born giving way too many fucks. Ever watch a kid cry his eyes out because his hat is the wrong shade of blue? Exactly. Fuck that kid.”



    I feel confident about my game, but I have to admit that these 10BI swings you see in my graph fuck with my head sometimes. I’m still a breakeven/slightly winning player, so there is some insecurity on those days where nothing works but at the end of the week or month, when I look at my graph again I know that my overall game is solid, there are just some leaks I still have to work on, f.e one I’ve mentioned before in my blog; hero calling. I even wrote “Find the fold” in capital letters on my white board.



    My cut is going well, I currently weigh 75.4. Started at 81.5 6 weeks ago, so I’ve lost around 1 kilo a week. 2 weeks ago I visited the owner of the gym I go to, to measure my body fat %. The result: I’ve lost around 2% of body fat and no muscle so that takes me from 17 to 15 percent.


    Goals for July

    I’ve currently adopted a correct routine so let’s try to hold on to it, and try to achieve the same goals I had set for last month.

    • Spend 160 hours on poker
    • Read 1 hour each day
    • Keep a daily schedule
    • Keeping my sleep schedule the same
    • Meditate 12 times in total

    Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next month!

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    Good luck this month man!

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    📰Monthly Update! 📰

    Thanks for the consistent support month after month @mariano, the biggest reason I started this blog is to keep myself motivated, and be able to look back at my older posts and see the progress. But it’s definitely good to have people who are actually reading it and showing some support, even if it’s just a couple of nice words! So TY!

    June was a total disaster, I didn’t accomplish any goals I had set for myself. The only thing that was positive about that month was the breakeven graph😅 But then last month… I made a comeback, thanks to the daily schedule routine

    ✔️ Spend 160 hours on poker

    ✔️ Read 1 hour each day

    ✔️ Keep a daily schedule

    ✔️ Keeping my sleep schedule the same

    ✔️ Meditate 12 times in total


    The book I’ve read this month is called “Everything is Fucked” By Mark Manson, It’s a good book, lots of good stuff in there but I like “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” a bit more.

    Kant summed up these unconditional acts with one simple principle: you must treat humanity never merely as a means, but always as an end itself.

    But what does this look like in day-to-day life? Here’s a simple example: Let’s pretend that I’m hungry and I want a burrito. I get in my car and drive to Chipotle and order my usual double-meat monster that makes me oh so happy. In this situation, eating the burrito is my “end” goal. It’s ultimately why I’m doing everything else: getting in the car, driving, buying gas, and so on. All these things I do to get the burrito are the “means,” i.e., the things I must do in order to achieve my “end.” Means are things that we do conditionally. They are what we bargain with. I don’t want to get in my car and drive, and I don’t want to pay for gas, but I do want a burrito. Therefore, I must do these other things to get that burrito.

    An end is something that is desired for its own sake. It is the defining motivating factor of our decisions and behaviors. If I wanted to eat a burrito only because my wife wanted a burrito and I wanted to make her happy, then the burrito is no longer my end; it is now a means to an even greater end: making my wife happy. And if I only wanted to make my wife happy so I could get laid tonight, now my wife’s happiness is a means to a greater end, which in this case is sex.

    Likely that last example made you squirm a little bit, made you feel that I’m kind of a dirtbag. That’s exactly what Kant is talking about. His Formula of Humanity states that treating any human being (or any consciousness) as a means to some other end is the basis of all wrong behavior.

    The Lab

    I’ve been putting in a lot of work outside the tables, trying to simplify my strategy, for the last couple of months I’ve mainly been focussing on 3bet pots. But last month I tried to get a better idea in some other spots, were I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.

    I purchased 2 courses last month and I still got a $100 store credit on RIO where I can buy a membership with as well. so I’m all gucci regarding to study material, for the time being.


    The Grind 

    Half way trough the month I asked some guys in the “Poker Dutchies” discord, If they could review my game. And so they did. They gave me some good advise

    1. Make notes on every weird play you see. ( I normally would just get their stats from a site and copy those)
    2. In order to recognize those plays and write them down I should play 4 tables instead of 6.
    3. Play more hands in the BB vs Recreational players

    Last week I switched to Pokerstars.es, the field is much softer so hopefully this switch will increase my winrate.



    My cut is still going pretty good, I weigh around 73kg at the moment. the owner of the gym advised me to start with carb cycling, (this helps with burning fat). this is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders since those last grams of fat are the hardest ones to lose. If you are a regular person who tries to lose weight, you don’t really need to implement this.

    But this is how it works: you have days on which you for example eat 240 grams of carbs, this is your high day. And then you have days on which you only eat 140 grams of carbs, this is obviously your low day.

    This is my current routine for the week: 🔼🔼🔽🔼🔼🔽🔼

    On those low days I’m definitely starting to notice the energy levels dropping and an increase in hunger, but I’m still motivated cause it’s pretty cool to see your own physique change week after week.


    Goals for the month August

    I’ll add 5 more hours to my volume goal and start meditating every day.

    • Spend 165 hours on poker
    • Read 1 hour each day
    • Keep a daily schedule
    • Maintaining my current sleep schedule
    • Meditate every day


    Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next month!

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    The plans for this month have changed a bit

    I hit up an old friend, the idea was to spend 1 day doing fun activities to reunite, but then he called me today, with the idea to book a last minute flight and spend like 4 days abroad.

    I was already running behind schedule for this month but there was still a chance to catch up, now it’s definitely not gonna happen.

    It will be hard to maintain my strict diet while traveling, I can’t really afford to spend too much money, and I won’t complete my volume goals. All of this bring some doubt into my mind, if I should do this or not. But part of it is also the anxiety of going out, spending time with other people, doing something social, getting out of my comfort zone, all of which I’ve been avoiding for a very long time.

    Also.. I’m in a pretty bad downswing, so a little time off won’t be to bad, might even be real good to me!


    With that being said, I’ll only hold myself accountable for the following goals:

    • Read 1 hour each day
    • Meditate every day
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    Monthly Update!

    It’s going to be a short update this time, there is simply not much to talk about. I took a short vacation from the 22nd to the 26th of August to Zadar (Croatia) with an old friend. It was very nice to have some time off and not constantly have to think about poker, the rest of the month I took it easy as well.


    I’ve been watching some videos from Nick Howard, and it has changed my mindset already! I can recognize myself well, in the mental flaws he says, people have in poker. In Februari I moved up from 10nl to 25nl, looking back at that decision.. I regret moving up, I should have stayed much longer on 10nl, with only a database of 150k hands.

    For months I thought: let’s stay on 25nl and just put in the work and then ultimately it will pay of and I will be a winning player, but last month I took quite a big hit..

    Februari: -411.71

    March: -174.96

    April: +41.83

    May: +12.66

    June: -70.16

    July: -639.89

    So I decided to move down to 10nl and get some convince back as well, then I started watching those videos from Nick Howard which confirmed that decision.

    I want to quote a sentence from the video I’ll link below, it’s something I’ve been thinking constantly for the last couple of months.

    “If this continues for X more months I’m going under”

    So after messing around with Pokerdope, I now know that in the worst case scenario, I will still be able to do what I do for the next 18 months. (If I stay on 10nl). This gives me a secure feeling and next to that, I’ll keep telling myself this: “You’re good enough to beat 10nl so the downswing shouldn’t bother or surprise you, cause it will happen eventually”

    Goals for September:

    • Spend 170 hours on poker
    • Read for 30 minutes every day
    • Keep a daily schedule
    • meditate everyday

    Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next month!

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    Good luck this month man! Beastly poker goal there!


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    Nice update.

    Nothing wrong with moving down. Confidence is key. Will check these videos out as well.

    Education is important, but riding a motorcycle is importanter

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    Hey There!!

    Thanks for the support guys @Sir_Djun and @Mariano, I very much appreciate it.


    Goals I had set for the month September

    Spend 170 hours on Poker
    I enjoy playing MTT’s every now and then, it’s the adrenaline of the possibility of winning a big prize, that you don’t really get with cash games, so when WCOOP came around the corner I decided to dedicate some time on it. I also made sure that whenever I only had 1 or 2 MTT tables going, I would add Cash table(s) so I wouldn’t one-table for 3 hours and count those as full hours spend on poker.

    Read for 30 minutes every day
    On days were I don’t feel like reading, or simply don’t have the focus for it, l write a summary of the books I’ve already finished instead. I use sticky notes in my books, you simply can’t remember all the information of a study, or the small details that matter a great deal, in order to explain it to someone else. Or to even fully understand it yourself.

    Keep a daily schedule
    This goal wasn’t necessary like: You have to do this every single day! It was more like a tool I could use whenever I needed it (which was most of the days). But I obviously don’t use it on my off days, and sometimes I habitually implemented a timed schedule in my head . But technically I didn’t complete the goal so..

    Meditate everyday
    And just like keeping a daily schedule, I also haven’t been meditating every single day. I do feel like I get more out of a 15 minute meditation instead of 8-10 minutes. Normally I meditate before I go to bed, but the problem with that is that I’m often to tired to encourage myself to sit there for 10 minutes. 2days ago, I had a 15 minute meditation before my session and I ran like god.. So maybe there is a link🤔



    I’m currently reading this book called “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, I find it a tough book to get through, so I only read in it if I’m fully rested, and/or don’t have a full day of mentally challenging activities ahead of me, in which case I would write a summary of the books I’ve already finished instead.

    But anyway.. there is a bit about “sample size biases” in the book that I think is very interesting for us, online poker players. Cause don’t we all, tend to sometimes, or maybe regularly, draw conclusions from very small sample sizes?

    For a research psychologist, sampling variation is not a curiosity; it is a nuisance and a costly obstacle, which turns the undertaking of every research project into a gamble. Suppose that you wish to confirm the hypothesis that the vocabulary of the average six-year-old girl is larger that the vocabulary of an average boy of the same age. The hypothesis is true in the population; the average vocabulary of girls is indeed larger. Girls and boys vary a great deal, however, and by the luck of the draw you could select a sample in which the difference is inconclusive, or even one in which boys actually score higher. If you are the researcher, this outcome is costly to you because you have wasted time and effort, and failed to confirm a hypothesis that was if fact true. Using a sufficiently large sample is the only way to recuse the risk. Researchers who pick too smal a sample leave themselves at the mercy of sampling luck.

    In a telephone poll of 300 seniors, 60% support the president.

    If you had to summarize the message of this sentence in exactly three words, what would they be? Almost certainly you would choose “elderly support president”. These words provide the gist of the story. The omitted details of the poll, that it was done on the phone with a sample of 300, are of no interest in themselves; they provide background information that attracts little attention. Your summary would be the same if the sample size had been different. Of course, a completely absurd number would draw your attention (“a telephone poll of 6 [or 60 million] elderly voters…”) unless you are a professional, however, you may not react very differently to a sample of 150 and to a sample of 3000. That is the meaning of the statement that “people are not adequately sensitive to sample size.”



    Studying is going great! I searched my own database for leaks, and found some, so I’m working on that, I’m starting to enjoy working in PIO more and more, and It’s fun to see yourself growing, in terms of working more efficiently and deliberately. I also got heaps of videos I can watch, which I normally watch whenever I don’t have the energy to do the work in PIO myself.



    I caught myself going into September with the wrong “expectations” I’ve been this slightly losing playing at 25nl for 6 months and I was a winning player at 10nl before I moved up. So I “expected” to instantly get good results, I even feel slightly embarrassed for saying this because I know you can’t have expectations in poker, it’s just an unconscious thought that I have to get rid off.

    Spoiler: I ran good at the end of the month so it’s all gucci

    From this point on I won’t share a monthly graph, if the sample is less than 50k hands. Last month I played 38k hands, so you’ll have to wait till next time. Here’s a picture of Margot Robbie instead, see it as an allowance🤷‍♂️

    2 months ago I started with my second painting ever, due to the volume goal for September, I wasn’t able to work on it last month, so I want to finish it this month. I also have a few occasions I have to be at. So the volume goal won’t be to crazy..

    Goals for Oktober

    • Spend 155 hours on poker
    • Read for 30 minutes everyday
    • Meditate everyday
    • Not typing anything in the chat (I can be a chat warrior every now and then)


    Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next month!

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    Let’s get it this month!

    Stay the fuck outta the chat too eh!!!


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    Hey there! Thanks for the support as always @Mariano


    Goals I had set for the month Oktober

    Spend 155 hours on poker

    Most of my time, went into playing poker, I managed to get in ≈75k hands. Studying routine has been neglected a little, but you will soon read why that is. next month I want to study way more and focus more on quality.

    Read for 30 minutes everyday

    I bought a new book and started reading in it, without having finished the other one. It’s a bit easier to read so that’s the main reason, but I will start were I left off in “Thinking fast and slow” after I read out this new one.

    Meditate everyday

    It really becomes a habit for me to meditate, it took quite a while but I’m happy that it eventually caught on to me.

    Not typing anything in the chat

    I mainly played on GGpoker for the last 2 weeks, they don’t have a chat, only emoji’s. But the first two weeks I couldn’t help myself sometimes, but to type something toxic in the chat on Pokerstars☺️



    As mentioned above, I’ve been reading a new book, called “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. It was first published in 1936 and it’s kinda funny how I discovered this book; I watched a video on YT in which they mention that Charles Manson found this book very helpful. If we look at how ‘successful’ his cult was in terms of the amount of followers, it indicates how powerful this book can be. Obviously, he used the principles for the wrong reasons; to manipulate people. But the fact that this book still gets published today and has been an international bestseller, says enough.

    “I personally had to blunder through this old world for a third of a century before it even began to dawn upon me that ninety-one times out of a hundred, people don’t criticize themselves for anything no matter how wrong it may be.

    Criticism is futile because it puts a person on the defensive and usually makes him strive to justify himself. Criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurts his sense of importance and arouses resentment.

    B.F Skinner, the world-famous psychologist, proved through his experiments that an animal rewarded for good behavior wil learn much more rapidly and retain what it learns far more effectively than an animal punished for bad behavior. Later studies have shown that the same applies to humans. By criticizing we do not make lasting changes and often incur resentment.”



    After doing some basic research on GGpoker, I got really exited to start playing on the site, in particular the leaderboard really struck me, first place for the ultimate grinder was $1000. Now I realized that this wasn’t really achievable since I had to play at least 4 tables of zoom for 15 hours a day for 7 days. being on a cut, having to eat very strictly and going to the gym, 5 days a week, takes a lot of time, having a daily reading goal and wanting to sleep at least 8 hours a day, makes it simply impossible to get in the top 10. and I’m not even talking about the fact I’m not used to playing 4 tables of zoom for 15 Hours a day. But either way I still wanted to get on that leaderboard and I managed to get a nice 23rd place finish for $130.

    After 2 days of playing I noticed my bankroll was a little lower than I expected, it didn’t really make sense, but I reckoned: since I already started the challenge, I might as well finish it. So I did.. but this situation made me really frustrated, as well as some other things like:

    1. I have to adjust my table settings every single time I log in, cause for some reason the settings get reset every time I log out.
    2. there have been multiple times that the tables froze, my internet connection is still good at that point, I can still use internet and other softwares. not very +EV when you’re in the middle of a hand.. in order to stop this freeze I’ll have to stop the GG software in a forced way. then when I reopen the GG software again, I find myself sitting out on all tables.. (this happens almost every hour) after which I have to adjust the table settings again, cause I logged out..
    3. The hand history replayed doesn’t work
    4. The table tile function doesn’t work correctly either

    So I contacted support, first, with my “balance” issue, and received this reply: “Pokercraft is not always the most reliable when looking into cash balances as it does not take everything into account” Pokercraft being the graph I attached below.

    It’s true that the graph doesn’t include rake but it still makes no sense, and here is why:


    $58 / fish buffet

    $15 / welcome bonus

    $228.73 / profit

    $130 / leaderboard

    Payed rake:



    If you calculate this, you are suppose to end up with a $230 profit but instead I’m down -$60. GGpoker can’t explain this to me and it felt like they didn’t really wanted to help me.

    But also.. if the graph isn’t reliable, then why even include a graph on you site, if it reflects the wrong idea right?! From now on I won’t be playing on GGpoker, I simply can’t beat the invisible rake..

                                                                                                GG poker: Oktober

                                                                                   Pokerstars : September-Oktober



    Because of the amount of volume I had to put in in order to get on that leaderboard, I wasn’t able to study a ton. I did purchase a RIO “Elite Membership” so whenever I did study, I mainly watched some videos from Ben Sulsky.



    My cut is still going great, and a new challenge has been added; I’m 99% sure I will be competing in the Dutch Championships of Powerlifting for Juniors next year in March, weight class being 66kg. I weight 69 right now, so the idea is to get down to 65 and then gain that last kilogram and maybe even some strength, a couple weeks before the competition. I would get first place with my current lifts, so hopefully I can keep those same strength levels, while still losing weight. But so far my strength levels have been keeping up pretty good during my cut, so I’m very confident!🏋️‍♂️


    Last month I expected to finish my painting, simply didn’t spend much time on it, but I really want to finish it soon. The volume goal will be a little bit higher again, but no new goals will be added. This month I strive to mainly focus on Quality instead of Quantity.

    Spend 170 hours on poker
    Read for 30 minutes a day
    Meditate everyday
    Not being a chat warrior🤐


    Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next month!

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    hello m8 , saw u playd some poker on GG , have some pokerfriends that done that aswell and i think its really bad for everyone exept the guys finish top 3 in leaderboard , and that for sure a tough beast to battle , myself prefer to play in non rakeback enviroments , since we are not allowed to get rakeback in sweden and the games are so fkin nitty and those nitty guys are acctually lowering ur hourly pretty much so if we calculate that into the equation and then sprinkel in some poor plays due to very long grind sessions to get good RB, yeah now we are in a spot wich is pretty much closer to a not so good deal anymore . i prefer 888poker ( the worse pokersoftware ever created btw) and PS . GL with ur powerlifting , may i ask how much u bench without suit?


    GL at the tables crush it!!

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    Hey There!

    Thanks @Andy_k, you made a good point. But I have no intention to play on GGpoker anyway, after the bad experience I had with the site. About the powerlifting.. I’ve never trained with a benchpress suit on, I’m competing in “Classic”; this is with knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. “Equipped” is with a benchpress suit, if I’m not mistakes. My current lifts that would meet the competition requirements are:

    • Squat 160kg
    • Bench 90kg
    • Deadlift 185kg


    Goals I had set for the month Oktober

    Spend 170 hours on poker❌

    Last month, I said I would focus on quality instead of quantity, which is pretty contradictory, when having to spend 40+ hours on poker every week. So after getting myself into a situation in which I forced myself to play while being tired, I decided after the session, that I would neglect the volume goal and really focus on quality. So that’s why I ended up only spending around 150 hours on poker.


    Read for 30 minutes a day✅

    I’ve read “How to win friends and influence people” twice, and I began to understand how Charles Manson found this book helpful, the book is all about handling situations, in a better more thoughtful way, f.e showing honest appreciation, don’t criticize anyone, don’t ever have an argument, sympathize with the other persons ideas and desires, never say ‘You’re wrong’ and if you’re wrong yourself, admit it. BUT, it has to be sincere and honest, or else it is fake and evil. In which case you start to manipulate people like Charles did.


    Meditate everyday✅

    I have to admit that not every session was as good, but I did show up, which is more important I guess.

    Not being a chat warrior❌

    I just can’t help myself sometimes, most regulars get tilted when they make a mistake themselves. I do to, but I tilt more when the biggest fish stacks me off with 93o (happened yesterday😅) A concept in the book helps me a little bit, “I don’t blame you one iota for feeling as you do. If I were you I would undoubtedly feel just as you do” which not only applies to how you feel, but also about your actions. If I were that fun player I might have gotten frisky as well and played a hand I shouldn’t have played.


    Not one time I’ve looked at my overall graph this past month, it really helped me with keeping focus while playing, and my overall mood throughout the month. By looking at my graph today, I came to the realization that my win rate on regular tables is much higher compared to my win rate on zoom. So guess what format I will be playing from now on😌

    I haven’t studied in PIO as much as I wanted to, even though I’m studying a very interesting spot. The book in which I take notes from PIO is a bit messy, so I want to create one in which everything is organized, so I can even have it next to me during a session

    Sorry no graph this month.. only played 35k hands, let’s see if there are any Jablinski fans in here who get the reference.

    Plans for December☃️

    December is always a busy month but also the most enjoyable month of the year (in my opinion). I will participate in the third edition of the live “PokerDutchies” homegame, with 27 members of the Discord family.

    My sister will expect a baby this month which is really exciting, my brother already has 2 kids but I don’t see those very often due to the long distance, and my sister lives 2 minutes away from me, so I’m going to see her child more often!

    I made a list of things I want to do, it’s basically everything you think off every now and then and go like: Oh yeah, I need to do that soon! Just so everything is done and organized and thought about, and the only thing I have to focus on in January is poker!

    Then we obviously have Christmas and New Year!!

    So because of all of that, I decided to not set goals for December and enjoy some extra time off. I’ve mentioned this before in my blog, but my sleep schedule has always been a big obstacle for me. This is the perfect time to focus on creating a solid habit when it comes to my sleep schedule, so I can go in 2020 with a fresh start.

    Lovely Christmas everyone and a happy New Year! And as always, thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll see you next Year!


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