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    Hi guys, i hope somebody can help me on that.This is a normal Chip EV spot. I guess preflop is the first mistake. The Chart said 3-b/fold. But anyway as played i have a tricky spot on the flop imo. I think bb has a very wide range and he could do his jam with any 4, 5 or draw. He played 23/15 on 62 hands. Now the PFR just calls which looks super strong. He played 25/17 on 65 hands. But i thought he could  do this with weaker hands becouse of the fakt that bb has such a wide range. maybe he would play call and fold against my jam with TT, or QJ. I guess he wouldnt play a FD like this.

    The Question is now  what range we are giving him. If i put 88-TT and weake Jacks in, its a call. Question number 2 is can we just call and fold the river against a jam?


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    Def 3betting pre should be better here with 2 players behind you.

    As played it looks good. There’s so much in the pot already you should just get it in on the flop. His call does look strong but as you say he can have some worse Jx and some mid PPs so we can’t fold. We have decent equity vs overpairs (aside from AA) too.

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    thx for ur effort mariano. It helps a lot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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