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    Hello everyone,

    here’s a hand i played at NL 50 Zoom and made me give a lot of thoughst and still finding it very close:


    To Villain: decent reg (but on the tight side) with following stats over 5k hands: UOPFR 27%(EP 17%),3B 7%,4B 11%,F3B 65%,F4B 40%,CB 70%,FCB 60%.

    Normally i doesn’t CR this flop ag. UTG too much but with my top of the range and with very good draws. Being so deep i choosed a bigger size. Him calling the flop CR , give him on the turn AK,TT,KK and the very good draws: AJ,AQ and QJ of spade but some time also of clubs. Wanting him to define his hand as much as possible on the turn, i choose to OB: TT and KK would probably shove and his draws would some time call but a lot of the time would fold. On the river i wanted to compensate the T OB with a normal size block bet for gaining a call from AK beside AK of clubs. Him shoving made me think i have a very clear call giving the price, but on the other hand don’t see him ever bluffing here. So i ended up folding, putting him most probably on AK of clubs, some time maybe also AJ or AQ of clubs.

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    I think the fold is probably fine given he just won’t show up with bluffs often at all. As long as you have enough hands to call with it should be fine, even though you’re way up in your range.

    What odds were you getting on the river btw?

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    Yeah, that’s the problem i’m struggling with most of the time, thinking on the level of these players and not at 5/10 or higher, being not too creative with bluffs or and with the calls either, playing just straight forward. I am calling normally much more than i am supposed to call on this limit,(thinking GTO), that’s why some time even hero folds to compensate it. I was given 3.5:1 on the river for the call, not a bad price at all. ┬áBut like u said, do u think a player on this level has a flated unimproved draw what he’ll shove the river with, giving me almost 4:1 to call in an over 400 BB Pot? Beside Flush, the straight got there too, even if it’s less more likely for him flatting J9 there. And KK and TT when they were not shoving the turn, would never shove the river when R-R flush & straight got there (even if they’re beating me). AK even less.

    That’s why i tried to oblige myself to think as much as possible to take exploitative decisions, of course taking in considerations also some GTO aspects as incentive of the hand, top of the range,blockers, unblockers and so fort. But primarily was proven to me that everytime i am given expl. reasons to fold and i call, i am wrong, Villain’s having all the time.

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