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    Hey team,

    at first I apologize for my bad English, I hope you will understand the most of the time :)

    I want to start to write my own blog, to show you my development in poker(6max Hyper SnG an Knockouts and some mtt). I come from Germany in the near from Frankfurt. I started to play poker for about 2 years. In my free time I go to the gym and love to push my body with some freeletic trainings to the limit.

    I bought the 6max hyper course and worked through it. I created own notes, because it is easier for me to look up for some ranges or how to play post flop for example. If I summarize something by myself I think it stays better in my mind. For study my hand I found a wonderful app called: preflop+ (no advertising!) it cost about 4-5 dollar per month but it is almost the same like Icmizer There is also a training mode where I can train my push-fold/ call-rejam spots.


    At Monday I started to play my first games after studied the course. I will post later a graph about my first 1000 hands (at the moment I have only 800). I know it does not mean much but I think I can recognize a trend, or am I wrong?


    I played a lot of 1 dollar 6max. hyper knockouts, because it is better for my bankroll and my experience is that there are more people who play like “all in or nothing” so I have the feeling that it is easier for me to implement the learned information. It`s seems like the most people play so fucking lose(try to bluff a lot,…jam every hand over 20BB,etc…) that they have only the aim to knock-out someone, no matter how good or bad the play was.


    I know that the variance on hyper turbos is very big. So this is my biggest fear for the future. In the past, I often had the problem that my patience was not on point, so I played more bigger buy-ins and my bankroll crashed.


    I have thought a lot an compare today poker with fitness. Sounds funny but let see.. in fitness you have to train hard, have to eat clean, you often have to push yourself to the limit. If you lose here the focus you can lose very fast your current status. Especially you have to work very hard for a long time to see the first results. So I hope I will remember on a not so good time on my sentences here and hope that I don`t give up!


    Aim for the month:


    play 4.000 hands in 1,5 dollar hyper or 1 dollar hyper knockout (how good or bad I run, main thing the +ev graph is fine)


    4 workouts in the week


    try to qualify for some WCOOP mtt`s and make a good rund


    review 3 hands for every session/ I will post one of them in my discord group


    watch the post-flop videos again an complete some notes


    See you guy… I will update you!


    Let`s crush!!!

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    Hey man nice to have you on board here at RYE comunnity! Rather than hands you look at how many sngs you played. So instead of 4k hands say, i want to play 1k tourneys at x level. Make sure you work a lot in icimizer or hrc, specially push/fold spots at different stack depth. Other than that your goals looks good. Keep us updated and gl at the tables!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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