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    Hey buddy, keep up the good work! I can imagine how hard it is to balance your crazy work life with family and poker. As you were saying, maybe it could be a wise choice to ease up on your work a bit (obv as long as you’re still doing a great job) and allow more time for exercise and family and poker. Of course I don’t know much about your situation, so I can’t really give too much of an opinion.

    I think it would be very beneficial if you reached out to a HU specialist also. That can make a huge impact on your win rate if you’re having troubles with it. There are probably players in discord who have put a lot of effort into heads up play and could help you immensely with just a coaching session or two. In my experience the best way to get to your goals fastest is to reach out to people who can teach you how they’ve done it. It’s huge to be proactive in this way, and other doors can start opening up for you as well.

    good luck!

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    Hey man!

    Sounds like you’ve had some good results so far this month. Congrats!

    I completely understand your comments about working hard on something that isn’t your passion, but is important so that you can pay the bills etc. I’m quite lucky that whilst my job is not my passion, I still find it interesting enough for me not to consider it a grind going to work everyday. Sure I’d love to have the freedom to work from home as a poker player etc. but we should remind ourselves to be thankful for what we do have and appreciate that perhaps working our “normal” jobs would give us motivation to strive for excellence to do something “better” for ourselves. I think we hard work we can achieve anything, but patience and dedication are important. But if you want something enough then you will achieve it!

    Keep up the good work!

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    Damn it´s been a long time since i posted here :(….there are many reasons for that. But to be true to myself, the biggest reason is: it did not happen sooooo much since my latest update or nothing positive……at least BR-wise.

    I got many things in my heart, that i want to share and unleash in these blog now :). I will split my thinkings a bit, since it will be an easier read i think. So let´s start.

    Poker: When i posted the last time here, my BR was something like 635 $, i played 350 games and had a roi about 20-25 %. Now i am at 1.050 games played, BR of 620 $ or something and a roi of just 7,4 % LOL. Since everyone loves to see graphs, here is my graph, since i started the journey on february 15th:

    In the timespan of 700 games, i had really really hard times. 2 big downswings of 100 and 150 games. and many break even-ish days. At the beginning, i had a hot hot run and my BR was up to 890 $.

    Everything is ok. I can deal with the downswings mentaly. But what i am not so good at right now is, when in play i am on a downswing. I not really tilt in terms of throwing my mouse against the wall etc. but i just do not play my A-Game and make stupid calls/bluffs. That fucks up my downswings even more ^^. And that is something i really have to work on. I have a fkin bad ROI of only 7,4 % right now :(. That really makes me sad. If i would always play my A-Game. No matter in what mood i am, i would never have a ROI under 10 %.

    Study: That part is so hard for me. I really struggle to even get enough volume in playing, since i really got sooooo much to do in real life and my time is really short for poker these days. On the otherside, for sure i know how important studying is.

    I manage to study like 3-4 hours a week. i know that is not much. but i can not do more right now. it is nearlly impossible. i will tell you later why :). When i hear everyone here trying to study 10, 15, 20 hours a week, i really think: ohhh damn boys, i am so fkin jealous :(…….but well, poker is not my mainincome……not yet ;).

    Real life: The last 6-8 weeks been a hellride for me. and i think, the rest of the year will not be much better. i work about 11-12 hours right now, every day monday-friday. besides that, i have a family with two kids, my wife works friday evenings and saturday 10am – 20pm where i am alone with he kids……………aaaaaaand than there is also my poker dream :). No easy life i tell ya……………but yelling and crying never helped to succeed. I just want to throw that bad mood in this blog to keep it away from my head ;). At least, there are also some really good things i have done. i will tell you right now.

    • I quit smoking like 2 weeks ago. i tried it 3 times in the last 13 years. i hope this time i will never grab a fkin cigarette again. so lets see, how that goes. till now i feel great and do not feel like i need it ever again
    • Last year i have been in the fitness studio for 3-4 times a week. than i had a shoulder injury in november and was not able to pull my ass back in the studio since than. when i look at my belly…….yeezus. its time to go back there man. so i started this one 2 weeks ago also.
    • By now i manage to play 400 games a month. I know, that is not much, but it is really hard to put more volume in. mainly i am 6-tabling. i tried 9-tabling a few times, but just don´t feel like i am ready for that now. first i want to improve my ICM game. later i can 9-table again.
    • Now comes the best thing i should have done years ago. since you can see, i have a really really busy day schedule. mainly i just did everthiny randomly. playing poker, studying, going to the gym, having time for family…..always randomly when i felt like or had the time for. Now i decided to start a weekly plan for everyday like this one:

    Monday: Work 7am – 6/7pm, rest of day freetime/family, Tuesday: Work ……7.30 pm – 9 pm fitness, 9.30 pm – open end grind poker, Wednesday: Work……7.30 pm – 8.30 study poker, 8.30 – open end grind, Thursday: Work……..7.30 pm – 9 pm gym, 9.30 pm – open end time with my wife, Friday: Work (at least on friday i will start to stop work at latest 4 pm)…..4.30 pm – 8.30 pm time with kids, since wife at work, 9 pm – open end grinding, Saturday: 8 am – 10 am study poker, 10.30 – 8.30 pm time with kids, since wife at work, 9 pm – open end, hang out with friends/live poker/ sometimes onlinepoker, Sunday: 9 am – 11 am gymtime, 12 – 6/7 pm family time, rest of day grind/study-mix

    I tried that one now for a few days and it feels really good although normally i don´t like plans. i am a really spontan human :)……but this “random life/time-balance” would kill me on a long run

    All in all: I know poker can be hard sometimes. But it is even harder, when you only have time to grind 400 games a month and you grind 6-8 weeks, 700-800 games and your BR is like before……..well i hope, things will go up now again.

    One thing i can tell you and myself is, when it comes to poker, I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! my big big dream is to be a good 50 $ ABI MTT-Player in the next 2-3 years. And i will get there. At the end, if i am only a good 20 $ ABI Player…..okay. But i will not loose ;)…………….and to keep me motivated and to always remember, why i do all this and for what, i just bought the tournament master class…………fkin expert level boys. i got it now since last week and i love it already. LETS CRUSH THAT B**CH!!!

    P.S.: Much much respect for everyone in this community. Being always so nice, helpful, motivating. I hope you will give this one a read too.


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    Seems like a tight schedule. Man, if you have a mainjob, it is hard to dedicate lots of time in poker. I dont want to tlak you down, but I am also realistic. YOu are competing with people that spend 15-20 hours per week studying and grind 40-45 hours.
    I think with a bit of effort you can make some money on low and maybe even on midstakes. But you wont be crushing. Maybe you save some money so that you can go poker full time for 1-2 years. But you have to accept the fact that we all have the same amount of time available (24 hours per day) and if you have a full time job, it is gonne be tough man.
    I am pumped about your progress man, especially for your health! Keep it up.

    Btw, 1000 games isnt a huge sample, you still have a decent winrate given the little amount of time you invest in studying!

    GL for scoop !

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    Seems like a tight schedule. Man, if you have a mainjob, it is hard to dedicate lots of time in poker. I dont want to tlak you down, but I am also realistic. YOu are competing with people that spend 15-20 hours per week studying and grind 40-45 hours.

    I think with a bit of effort you can make some money on low and maybe even on midstakes. But you wont be crushing. Maybe you save some money so that you can go poker full time for 1-2 years. But you have to accept the fact that we all have the same amount of time available (24 hours per day) and if you have a full time job, it is gonne be tough man.

    I am pumped about your progress man, especially for your health! Keep it up.

    Btw, 1000 games isnt a huge sample, you still have a decent winrate given the little amount of time you invest in studying!

    GL for scoop !

    All good boss. Better to get realistic oppinion from a crusher than no oppinion or an unrealistic one :).

    My more detailed plan for poker is like this: grind a BR with the 180´s/90-man KO´s up to the 15$/11$ ones. Once i have a stabil ROI over a good samplesize in these games, i will mix in MTT on weekends. I think it is possible to have a 10,15 maybe 20 % in these games, even with studying only 3-4 hours a week……or nah?

    When i proove myself, i can beat this games, my wife will quit her job (no problem to jump back, if things go wrong).

    This means, i have more time to study and grind. Aaaaand when i reach the point, where i make good profits in MTTs with 15-20 $ ABI, my plan is to cut my mainjob to 80 %. that also should be possible. so i just work on 4 days a week.

    Okay, to be fair, these are all visions and dreams. But i played Poker now for over 10 years without beeing seriously succesful. No matter what, i can not stop to play this game. I love it to much. So why not have some serious dreams, instead of donking my money away just to satisfy my love to the game :).


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    Hello boys and girls,

    it´s been a looooong time since i posted in this blog. Nearlly 8 months and i got to say, i really feel bad about that one :(. It happened so much in my life the last few months, i just could not motivate myself to post here and cry my soul out. But tbh, it is one of the best things i can do. Just write my feelings down and even if no one cares about my life, just to get off the negativity some things in life bring.

    So as always, there are 4 main points in my life. There is family, work, myself/health aaaand poker. Let´s start with family and work:

    Hmmmm i really don´t wanna tell you things that you don´t care about and it is not like i wanna cry here. If you aren´t interested, than just don´t read it :). But for me it feels good to write some stuff down after such a long time. Even if it is not that nice.

    Familywise everthing is ok. I got 2 beautiful kids and a wife who always supports me and give me the freedom to achieve my goals. I really can not complain on that. So i do not really feel like telling you something about my family :).

    I got two things in my life, what makes me unhappy these days. Main thing is my worklife. In my earlier posts, i told about how i work to much and can not find the time to study poker enough etc…..Well, things did not change. Even got worse….i was not far away from a burnout. And trust me, i know how a burnout feels.

    The problem is, i am that type of guy, who can not say “NO”. I can not loose and i can not admit to myself, that i am not a machine and my day also has only 24 fkin hours. When my boss tells me: Hey, can you do this or that? ….. i can not just say: No, sorry boss. I am full with work and stuff. Maybe someone else can do……….i just say: Sure i can…….even when i know, these answer could destroy me, cause it is impossible to do. So what do i do? I work my ass off 12,13,14 hours a day and even on weekends i work (without getting payed), just to make sure my boss is not disappointed about my work.

    I can go deeper with this shit. I know at one side, it is me who is standing in my own way to success and it is me killing the opportunity for reaching my goals. On the other side, it is not so easy for me to change myself as a person. It really not is. But i will stop this one here. If someone got same issues, hit me up to talk about how we can make our lifes easier :).

    This problem causes problem nr. 2. NO TIME…..and that means, i still do not study as much as i would like to and that makes me feel so sad and for sure impacts my game.

    The topic myself/health i can cut short. Good thing is, i quited smoking in april when i bouth the TMC and never looked back since than. Bad thing is, i still do nearlly no fitness/sport.

    Poker: Since i bouth TMC, luck was not on my side. I was breakeven/slightly loosing for about 6 months. End of september, things turned around and till mid november my BR reached a highpoint at about 1500 $. In that timespan i had some really ugly downswings, but it never affected my game. I was strong mentaly (at least pokerwise) and kept fighting. Went from 750 to 250 $ BR, went up again etc. At the end, i was breakeven for 1000 games and had my biggest downswing of 450 games (when i nearlly busted all my roll from 750 to 250).

    When i reached that 1500 $ BR, it felt sooooooo damn cool and nice. I started with depositing 70 dollars back in februrary and was on 1500. Sure it took me nearly 10 months, but i was disciplined with BR-management and for the volume i put in, i was proud and satisfied.

    Next step was to reach 2000 and mix in the 3.50R/180 and the 7 $ on-demand and some more MTT´s . Sadly, i never get to that step. Since end of november i am on a downswing, i never thought about before. When i had a downswing of 450 games before, i thought i have seen the craziest one. It can´t get worse…..well, i was wrong. And this one really hurts.

    It is not about the money. Poker is not my mainincome. I don´t need my pokermoney for reallife. But what hurts is the fact, that this one is brutal for me, since i am now on a downswing of 300 games and have lost more than 40 % of my BR. When you look at my graph, it is just a fkin freefall ^^…..what makes it more crazy is the fact, that i play muuuuch better than my downswing or 6 breakeven months before.

    Really, it is not about crying and stuff. The thing is, i was/am really not in the best mental stage in real life. And when poker also goes the wrong direction, things get really nasty……i will also put some graphs at the end of this post, just to save for myself and look back in few weeks, when everything is allright again ;).

    To sum that up for 2018, i am still proud of myself. I am muuuch better at poker thanks to TMC and the whole community here. I quitted smoking and i still try to grind as much as possible.

    Changes in 2019:

    • Hoping to change my work setting and to say NO. To take my time for other things in life than just work, work, work.
    • STUDY more poker. I hate the fact to got so many wonderful options to improve my game more, but not to be able to take these options. Just working with HRC and studying 2-3 hours alone is not enough.
    • Get that BR up again. No materalistic goals. I just want to end the downswing and win some again :)
    • Take the gym at least 2 times per week

    Sorry if this sounds like someone just want to cry and tell you how bad life is. That was not my intention. I just like to write negative things down and look at it again, when positive times come back :)…….probably i will never become a crusher of the game with this work/life/poker-balance. But still…..i will try my best. For the love to the game and for myself.

    EV-Graph for the last 4 weeks:

    EV-Graph for the last 4 weeks

    Sharkscope since 15.02.2018:

    and some bb/100-stuff, also since 15.02.2018:

    Feel free to tell me some leaks if you can conclude from the graphs, like my really bad blinds-play that i am working on :).

    TY and much love!

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    Hey man, thanks for posting. That’s awesome you were able to quit smoking! Also, you graph is looking good. The recent downswing is tough, but they’re unavoidable and will in the end be a good learning experience.

    I obviously don’t know too much about your work situation, but it sounds like you’re an incredibly hard worker, and deserve to compensated as such. Is there any way you could use that energy and drive and apply to something of your own? I can understand how frustrating that must be. I guess as you say, just making an effort to say no more often will the way to deal with it. Again I can’t really comment too much on it, but you seem to have the type of personality and work ethic that should be rewarded.

    Starting an exercise program will also have huge benefits on your mental state, so I would be sure you make sure to highly prioritize that. IMO it should be #1 as completing your other changes will become much easier as a result.

    Also starting a study group could be very beneficial for you. Always nice to have support and it can make things a lot funner. You can reach out to other players in the discord app under the “content-meet-up” section. Ben also has a new mindset course out which can help a lot with the mental side of things.

    Anyways, good luck with everything. Keep your head up and keep us updated! Remember that champions stand up one more time.



    scooba troopa
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    Hey, i’m reading a book that also talk about the issue a lot of us have and is to not be able to say no sometimes. I link it here, i think can be helpfull or at least give you some advice about that.

    is called: “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown

    Good luck for everything! :)

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    Hey mariano5 and scooba troopa. Thank you for the kind and motivating words here :) i really appreciate. Since one of my goals for the year is also to read more books, the next one will be that one you mentioned to me :).

    The last days i thought more deeply about myself and things in life, which make it harder for me to achieve my goals. I think my biggest problem right now is, that i am not on the strong side of my mental and physical mood. The reason for that as i mentioned is mostly my work schedule and having less time cause of that.

    But that is for sure not all. I  think no matter what, everyone could take the time to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. I know many people who say: When i am on a bad mental mood and stressed, the best thing is to do some sports.

    Well, somehow that does not apply to me. When i am stressed and on a bad mental mood, i get lazier and lazier and everything on top of work etc. stresses me even more. When i got no stress and a “normal” work schedule, i always make sport and feel good and full of energy.

    My highest priority for now is: Getting full of energy and on a good mental mood again. I will start with the easier things, such as eating healthier again and sleeping at least 6,5-7 hours a day (2018 i slept 5 hours at average).

    As my plans for now, work will be stressed and ugly till february. I have 3 running projects (working as a project manager) which will end hopefully in february. After that, hopefully everthing will go to the right direction again :).

    I also will focus more on studying than on volume pokerwise till end of february. Since i wasted so much time in 2018 with not studying much, i think it is good to take some time, since putting in volume will be hard for me anyways.

    So let´s see what happens. With the beginning of march, i will put in sick sick volume i hope :). Thats the plan…..i will keep you updated.

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    Hello everyone,

    finally, after nearlly one year i was able to get my ass up and post something here again, lol. Tbh, it sucks a bit, since i wanted to post much much more here. But there are several reasons, besides being lazy too, why i didn´t.

    I will try to not talk too much about irrelevant things, as i usually like to. So lets just start this off. I will do two different posts. The first one about poker and my actual situation.

    So a quick look where i started. I started taking things seriously on 15th February 2018, by depositing 70 Dollar on Stars. I had Ups and Downs all the way on Stars with my BR. When i was at my peak, i think something around 1500 Dollars, i transfered 100 over to 888 and 100 to PP. Things went veeery well since that day BR-Wise. I made 4k out of that 100 dollars on 888 real fast. Tbf i played everything up to 11 dollar just from the start, as my total BR allowed it. On PP i managed to run the 100 Dollar up to 1600. At peak-times my Total-BR was about 6200 Dollars.

    I always told myself, once i reach 5k, i will withdraw everything above, just to motivate myself a bit moneywise and also to keep my abi low, till i am sure, that i crush the stakes i play. So i withdraw 2k. For 1k i bought a new laptop. Daaamn, it is a monster compared to my old 350 Euro laptop :D. I can grind multiple tables on multiple sites without any lagging problems. Thats pretty new for me :). The other 1k i split in 500 euro which i deposit on GG-Poker and 500 just for having a good time with my family.

    Now i am sitting on a total BR of about 3.7k or something. I had a pretty bad October, where i grinded break-even on PP and lost about 900 dollars on 888 with some wins on GG. I dont know, when my next withdrawal will be. I just want to grind all the money back which i withdraw and look where i am standing skill-wise. It is already a small dream coming true, since i am able to play MTTs up to 22 dollars. It feels really weird when you think about it moneywise. At first i grinded 3 dollar ABI and was mad about every 5 dollar i am loosing lol. Now i grind 10 dollar ABI and when i loose 22 dollars on a MTT, i feel like = well, on to the next one :) ……… i hope you understand what i am trying to say.

    So now the numbers a bit detailed. My biggest volume comes from PS. But i grind less and less on PokerStars these days. My results over there are pretty ugly. To analyse them a bit, i splitted all the games as you will see later.

    New PP = 234 Games, 1206 $ Profit (also had around 300-400 additionally Profit on the old PP)

    GG = 16 Games, 90 $ Profit

    888 = 455 Games, 3160 $ Profit

    Stars = 5033 Games, 285 $ Profit …… LOL

    Stars only SNG: 4196 SNGs, 467 $ Profit …… still LOL

    Now more detailed:

    • 1069 45-Man, 355 $ Winnings
    • 145 18-Man, 86 $ Winnings
    • 907 180-Man, 193 $ Losses
    • 83 3Rs, 466 $ Losses …. Yeeeezus
    • 473 4.5 $ On-Demands, 171 $ Winnings
    • 113 7 $ On-Demands, 400 $ Winnings
    • 1346 5 $ 90-Man-KOs, 175 $ Winnings
    • 8 11 $ 90-Man-KOs, 66 $ Losses

    So as you can see, i don´t really have a clear structure on Stars. I play mostly 45-Man, 90-Man and 180-Man SNGs. I am doing good in the 45-Man, but i suck in the 180s. The 90-Man-PKO seems pretty idiotic to play, since i am more or less break-even in them. So normally i should just cut these games out of my schedule. But i like the sctructure and its really nice to just fill my tables up with these, when i dont have enought MTTs. Also another reason is, i want to crush the 180s soooo hard. How can someone be a good MTT-Player, when you suck on the 180s ^^. I am not sure, if i just make too many mistakes or these games just not fit into my gamestyle. My ICM is for sure muuuch better than the avg. player. But is that enough? Since these games are full of regs, i think it is not enough. So i dont know if it makes sense, to play these games in the future.

    I dont play much on Stars anyway. When i do, i just want to fill up my tables or open 2-3 SNGs on the side, when my grind is near the end. And thats what is so nice with them Turbo-SNGs. With the On-Demands, where i got good numbers on a pretty small samplesize, the problem is the structure for me.

    Howevery. It is pretty brutal, how the 180s fk my BR. I mean i had 83 shots on the 3Rs and am down 466 bucks…….sick. But thats the variance of the games and for sure also my skill. I am by far not a killer in these games. But i try to at least make profit with them. So i will keep grinding them occasionally and study study stud.

    What i also know is the fact, that my samplesize on the other sites, where i have nice profit, is not enough to say if i am a crusher at these stakes or if i just had some really lucky weeks/months. Therefor i will always stick to a pretty conservative BRM and drop stakes, when i am down too much. Even when my BR was over 6k, the most expensive MTTs i played were 22 Dollars.

    A bit about my studying-schedule. Well, it is far better this year, compared to 2018, but still not enough. What i did now is to restard the TMC on here. I really like the new structure of the videos pretty much. With them shorter cutted vids and the process-bar, it feels smoother to study and i can structure my study-plan much better. So thx for the update @RYE-Team

    What i also will do in the next weeks is a 1 on 1-Coaching. I already analyzed my HM2-Numbers and i see some leaks in my game. Thanks to the great community i was able to come up with other like-minded grinders and grinders who are much better then me especially in the 180s on Stars :). And one of these grinders offered me to look over my numbers and give coaching-sessions. I am excited, but first want to find the right time-slot for that one.

    I think that is enough. I did it again………posting nothing for months and now this fkin long post, which i hope some of you give a read though. Also that was not all. Next post will cover some privat/mental topics :).

    GL at the tables everyone!!


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    So on to whats going on mentally with me. I can tell you that much right in the beginning. I feel soooooo much better since my last posts about a year ago, where i was crying like a baby about my work-life-balance etc.
    And there are some reasons for that. One of the reasons is Poker. It sounds weird, cause it is kind of an opposition too, since poker takes me so much time and stresses me from time to time, when the downswings are siiiick :).

    But the thing is, through poker or lets say through looking at beasts in the game like bencb, i learned soooo much about how to be mentaly a beast. I just try to find out, what are these guys doing differently? What is their thinking-process and why are they so succesful? Sure they spend much much more time with studying etc. But how do they handle all the stress and keep clean in the mind?
    By analyzing these questions, i found out some pretty nice “Magic-Pills” .

    As many people on discord asked me already: How can you grind, work, have a family, having friends, maybe some other hobbys as well, study poker, beeing there for my kids etc. etc.
    I can tell you that much: The way i am going is not easy. It is fkin hard and i know that. But when kyou now the WHY, you can do sooo much in your life. Don´t ask you too often: HOW, ask you more often the WHY?
    Just in case not everyone knows what i am talking about. I am now a 32 years old guy who loves poker. I have 2 kids and a wife. I got a 9-5 Job and my wife goes to work every friday and saturday, where i am alone with my kids till my wife is at home again at around 8.30 pm.

    In the last 20 months i managed to run 5700 tables (4200 of them were SNGs). That is for sure not much for full-time grinders. But for me it is sick. Thats in avg. about 70 games a week. I grind in avg. 3 sessions a week (sometimes 4-5).
    Sometimes i feel like an empty battery, but when you know how to load yourself up again and give yourself some carefully considered breaks, it is possible.
    So here are some of my magic pills, which really boosted my mindset and my energy soooo much:

    1. Cold-Showers ……… i do this now for over a year and it is amazing. In the beginning it feels like: Yeeezus, wtf is this, why i am doing this? But after 2, 3 or 4 weeks it became easier and easier and started to push my energy high and keep my mind fresh (and much more benefits which you can google)
    2. Writing a Diary …….. tbf, there are days, where i dont write too much, like when i am on vacation. But 80-90% of the time, i write something in my diary. I saw this in one of the Videos where Ben shows his daily routines. There is this book called “Klarheit”. I first ordered a wrong one called “The 6-Minutes Diary” but it also gets the job done. The point by doing this is to keep your focus on your goals, to reflect yourself and to be grateful.
    3. Reading Books ……… i didn´t read any books for years. But if you just follow some really successful people, nearlly all of them read as many books as possible. I am not the person to just do everything i see succesful people doing. But i at least try it and it works for me. Instead of scrolling up and down on instagram, facebook or twitter, i just like to read a book and calm down. It cleans my mind.
    4. Prioritize and eliminate the bad habits in your life or bring up good habits. And don´t get me wrong. I still have enough bad habits and am not perfect, but i try to change my life slowly and be a better person every day. For example i changed the way how i go to work. I had a traveltime of 2 hours everyday with the car. I changed that 6 months ago. Now i go by train. What means that for me:                      – Traveltime depending on punctuality between 2,5 – 3 hours a day (ok, i travel a bit more daily now)                                                                – In that time i walk minimum 10.000 steps every day                                                                                                                                                    – I read books, listen to quality podcasts and sometimes even study poker                                                                                                                – When i feel tired, i just listen to music and chill                                                                                                                                                             – Last but not least, i save up a bit money and do something for the climate :)

    As i said, i am not perfect. These are the “magic-pills” i still try to adapt in my daily routines:

    • – Healthy food …….. i don´t eat shit all day. But i also do not really care about what i eat. I often come home, take a cold shower and immediately load up the tables and eat at the same time what my wife cooked for the kids………and that is not always thaaat healthy, lol.
    • Sports ……. daaaamn. This one is a roller coaster for me. When i have times where i don´t grind too much, it is no problem to go 2-3 times a week to the gym. But when i do grind 3-4 times a week, it is really hard. On the days i am grinding, i dont have to time to come from work, go to the gym and grind. And on other days, i am often to lazy, wanna spend time with family or just fill up my batteries. But i know if i make a straight plan and follow it, i can do this. I am working on it.
    • Quit smoking again ……. unfortunately i began to smoke again, after i was clean for months. I smoke much less than before, but still it sucks.
    • Sleep more …….. this one is maybe the badest thing i do to myself with this poker thing. I still sleep only 5 hours in average and even if i am used to it, since i never was the person sleeping 7-8 hours, i feel it sometimes. 5 hours on avg. is to less. I sometimes go to work with 3-4 hours of sleep and i feel, how i struggle to give my best.                                                                                                                                But it is also the hardest one to adapt, since my grind ends in avg. at about 1 am, but sometimes can go till 2-3 am.

    You know what is funny? Like in poker, everyone knows everything better and most of the players are overestimating themselves, so is it in real life too. I talked about these “Magic-Pills” with many people and it is kind of weird, how most of them either don´t belive in the benefits of the topics mentioned above or they just think i am an idiot watching to many videos on youtube and been brainwashed.

    Once i recommended the cold-showers to a friend of mine. He tried it for 3 days and said: Nahh, that is nothing for me. Also, how can this shit be healthy? You shower cold, bringing your body to freezing temparatues. That can not be healthy. I tried to explain, but he still thinks, it is not healthy. So fuck that.

    Back to the point “Poker players know everything better” ….. I don´t want to attack anyone with this message, but i see from time to time really illogical statements and ways micro-stakes grinders go to get to the top.

    This sounds a bit arrogant maybe, since i am a guy who do not grind full time and shit. But i think my advantage is exactly this. I need to think about how to invest my time the most effective way to study, grind and get some decent results. On the way to reaching my goals, i have these main points and you are welcome to discuss them with me:

    • Don´t have a to complex way of thining when it comes to micro-/low-stakes. I often see micro-grinders analyzing hands waaaay to difficult, at least for me.
    • Or the opposit. Players analyzing just by thinking of: What is the value of my hand?……but they don´t ask: What hands could villian have in this spot?
    • Usage of PIO-Solver………i know, that it is good to know what GTO would do, but is it worth it to invest hours and hours in running sims for micro-stakes? First, population in these stakes dont play GTO. Second, most of micro-grinders running PIO-Sims have enough leaks to cover in other areas of their game.

    Please don´t get me wrong with this. Maybe i am totally wrong. But i rather study ICM, Ranges, Analyze my HM-Stats, watch TMC-Videos than doing PIO-Sims. Also this is from the perspective of someone who got much less time for studying than most of the grinders. Maybe if i would have the time, i would also run PIO-Sims up and down as a micro-/low-stakes grinder. I also don´t wanna say that it got 0 EV to do that. But i think it is wrong prioritized for micro-/low-stakes. When i reach lets say ABI of 30-50 dollars, it makes more sence for me to think about it. But for now i think i can go with my plan to skip this one. We will see :).

    So i will come to an end now and summarize a bit. As i said, i learned sooo much within the process of being a better pokerplayer. I am not just a better pokerplayer, i am a better person now and that added value is the greatest thing happened to me. Even if i fall and fail, these experiences no one can take from me. At the end everyone must know the WHY for themselves. And if you know it and you really want to achieve your goals more than everything, you can reach amazing things in life.

    Especially if you got the time, study more, be healthy, be mentaly prepared for everything and you can do it. I know guys grinding less than me without kids and stuff and saying: i can not grind/study more. i need my freetime etc. etc……….Guess what? Than you will not reach your goals and you do not deserve to, since there are people wanting it way way more than you want it.

    Sorry again if i sound arrogant with some statements. This post is just to exlpain how i handle my dreams and maybe a help for some other grinders with motivation trouble. I also know, that many things here sound just like copy & pasting bencb quotes (LOL), but it is the truth.

    Have a nice read and feel free to ask something or give me advice. TY!

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