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    Hello RYE-Community,
    I am a 30-year old recreational pokerplayer from south germany. First i want do introduce myself a bit more to you, since i think that is the best way for you guys to give me some advice on my plans when you know me as a person behind these plans.
    I also wanna warn you, since i like writing much and sometimes tell more things than it is relevant. So i hope you like to give this a read anyway :).
    I first came in touch with poker in 2007 or maybe 2006. But my first onlince account (the very first was back than on parypoker) is from 2007.
    Some of you guys probaly don´t even know how easy it was back than to print money in poker, if you look at it nowadays :). Well, i didn´t really printed money, just won some for fun and pumped it right away in clubbing and drinking ^^.
    Bankrollmanagment? I never heard of it back than. I just read the books from Dan Harrington and had a bit of an edge to the other donks. The strategy was easy. Be a donk, but a tight donk. That was enough, to win against the aggro donks in 2007 :D.
    I loved the game from the beginning but at the beginning i never thought about it as a seriously income. It was just “gambling” for me with the positive effect, that i can compete with others and get an “edge” by outplaying them.
    In 2010/2011 i first realizied: “damn. you really can make serious monthly/yearly income by playing poker. should i give it a try?”
    I talked about it with some friends who also played for fun and also with friends who never get in touch with poker. But nobody really believed in what i said or did not have the same feelings to poker as i have. They all like: “Man that is gambling. What will you tell your parents, where you earn your money?” or “Bro you will isolate yourself from social life. Better go out with your friends than playing poker” or “Go study something and get a decent dailyjob, where you earn safe money.”
    Well, i know got a “decent” job, where i earn safe money, but am i happy with it? I don´t know. But that is a thing, i don´t wanna go to deep in this post :).
    What i can tell you now is the fact, that i still play poker, but it is waaaaay more difficult to make money with poker in 2017/2018 than in 2007 ^^. In 2010 or 2011 i don´t know exactly, there was a pokersite called MermaidPoker. I think it was the IPN-Network.
    I made about 8-9k EUR in 1 year, only by playing 5-6 tournaments in some weekends. I topped that in 2012 with a profit of 12k EUR. Than i thought about it again: “Man you are not that bad. You should at least try to get semi-pro with this shit.”
    But times pass by, we get older, i am a father of 2 son´s right now and now TIME is a very big problem for me. It is hard to put volume in the game, when you got a 9-5 job and two kids who wanna have fun with daddy………..and of course a woman on my side ;).
    After all these years in the game, i can tell you one thing. I LOVE POKER!!! I will never, never, never quit playing. I am so passionated about the game that´s the only reason, why i am still in the business, not as a pro, but as a funplayer, who want´s to turn his passion and energy for the game into some serious money………my fucking time has come guys. This time i really really want to give that damn thing a try.
    I watched the video from bencb on youtube. The introducion into his masterclass. Maaan you are so right. That gave me kind of a motivation and i hate me sometimes that i did not kick my fkin ass to give that thing a serious shot before.
    So my plan is the following:
    I sadly don´t have the BR to put 5k on my account and go with the 25 $ abi grind.
    But in May i will get some bonus money from my job. Part of it is for the vacation with the family, the other part i want to invest in poker…….i talk about 1000 $.
    It is not sooo much, but i lost waaaaay more on pokerstars the last 10 years ^^ (i can tell you more about that later :D).
    But i don´t wanna put the 1 k on my account and give it a “blind try”. I know the basics of MTT-poker. I watched many free RYE content on youtube. I watch the twitch grind often. But, as i said, these days it is not easy to make money with poker.
    And that is the key reason why i wanna get in touch with you guys and why i wanna give the Tournament Master Class of bencb a go. But i first want to buy part1 and start with the rest of my roll to grind.
    What i need from you guys is some advice, how i can grind my roll up the best way? What i am now trying just for fun (deposited 100 $) is to grind some 5 $ 90-man KO´s and 4,50 $ 36-180 on Pokerstars. I tried that often over there, but always wanted the big win, gave my plan a fuck and grinded waaaaay to expensive tourneys and busted all my roll ^^. Somehow, i never was able to build a roll on stars.
    I tried to grind micro stakes MTT´s on stars…….maaaaan that makes me tilt over and over again. Downswings on mirco stakes make me way more aggro than on low-midstakes. Maybe some of you guys know what i´m talking about ;).
    On other sites i can easily grind 5-30 EUR MTT´s and make profit. But i can not put volume in these MTT´s. Also i can not gamble away my BR this time by playing way to expensive tourneys.
    So because of that, i will know just grind some 5 $ 90-man KO´s and 4,50 $ 36-180 on Pokerstars as a learning proccess and to train my BRM-discipline :). It is hard, cause of all the big money tourneys on stars, but i will do it this time. Btw i can grind with a aggro BRM, since i can easily deposit 100-200 $ if i loose to much (i hope i don´t have to, but if needed, i can).
    FYI: I Have HM2 since 4-5 years, but i never studied my game, using that tool ^^. I in general don´t use it that much. I never really thought about it seriously. But this time i tried to make some analysis on my BB-winnings/100-hands…….i tried at least, since i don´t really know how to work this HM2 ^^. I will post some pictures later. Maybe you can give me some feedback.
    Okay guys, as i said, i talk too much. But i hope u gave it a read and i would really appreciate some feedback and like to get in touch with you guys about that great game :).
    Also a big big thanks to bencb for bulding such a great community and training site. I hope you also will give that long fkin thing here a read :). Let´s make me a RYE-warrior!!!

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    Hey man welcome to the RYE community! You’ve definitely come to the right place to next your game to the next level.

    I can relate to your poker journey also. I was playing backing in the glory days as well and didn’t study or take it seriously at all, and I kick myself now for it sometimes. HOWEVER, really what matters is that you’ve decided to take the serious path. The games are tougher, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work, there is still plenty of money of to be made in poker.

    I would def recommend getting getting HM2 also. Either that or pokertracker. In today’s landscape they are absolutely necessary. I would also recommend getting ICMIZER or Holdem Resources calculator to review push/fold spots.

    good luck with your poker journey!

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    Hey man welcome also from my side! I always admire people that have regular job, familly and want to play poker semi pro/pro. I just think i can not do it, so heads off to you!

    Gl at your journey and keep us updated! 

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    Hey guys,

    ty for your feedback on my post. I already have HM2 in use. But i can not really work with it, because i do not understand, what all these numbers (i just mean the reports of my own game) wanna tell me :). So i tried to figure out some stats. I hope i did it the right way:

    4.50 $ MTT-SNG:





    Now what i don´t understand is, i have a +bb/100 in every gametype, except to 18-Man-SNG where i am, if we look at my HM2-Stats, really really bad.

    But when i look at sharkscope, i am down at every gametype, only not in 18-Man-SNG and the 4.50 $ MTT-SNGs ^^.

    Maybe you guys can tell me more about these stats :). Thank you very much!!


    scooba troopa
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    Welcome!!! i’ve started like you, especially the part about Dan Harrington’s books and spending the winnings in fun and drinkin :D :D :D

    i wish you a great good luck for your journey!!!
    Imho the good question is not:”how can i make my bankroll grow faster” but “How can i become a better player”, money are a consequence! ;)


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    Hey buddy, welcome on board :)

    I would say, go for semi big fields, 100-500 runners with deep structures (no turbos or hypers until you learned more about shortstack and icm poker).
    Then you can add some bigger tourneys (Big 11 etc). But the 5$ 10$ 22$ freezeout on Stars, Party, 888 and other networks should be very soft and you can just grind them and slowly build a roll.

    low stakes 180 men are also good!



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    Hey guys, thx for your replies and advice.

    @bencb: that sounds good. only thing i ask myself is, should i split my small BR of 500 bucks and play on multiple sites or just grind on stars. for the beginning i want to grind 3-6 dollar tourneys and as i said before, i can always ad 100-200 bucks monthly on my BR if needed. but i want to start with 500, not really more, since i need some money for your course ;).

    @tomy: are you a daddy yourself? just asking, cause it would be interesting to hear your opinion on getting a semi-pro/pro as a daddy with a fulltime-job :)

    btw: yesterday i started with 70 bucks just for fun and am already up to 160 (grinding 90 KOs and 4.50 MTT-SNG). maybe i dont even need to deposit on may and can buy the whole Master Class course :D…….that would be so nice

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    Quick little update here.

    As i told at the beginning of my blog, i wanna take this really serious with the start of may. By now, i just play now and than, when i find time for poker.

    Therefore i don´t wanna be to harsh to myself :). These days i am really short with time for poker. Got many things to do in private and with my job.

    But i was still able to play i think 7 sessions in 2 weeks. That is okay for now. What is not so okay is the fact, that i play just 15-20 MTTSNGS per session. That is to less i know. But since i play mostly the 4.50 MTTSNGs (mixing with 90-man KO and 2.50 180-man) and can not play till midnight all day, it is “ok”. I started the grind with a BR of just 70 $. If i would bust, i just could deposit a small amount again.

    Now here the numbers: After 4 sessions, i ended up being on a BR of 360 $…….that was a hot run. But the last 3 sessions went not so well. I got down to 260 $ now. But all good so far.

    Bad thing is: I wanna write much much more in this blog and i also wanna start studying. I had some hands, where i am sure i did not played well ICM-wize. But i did not run it in HRC by now ^^.

    So today i thought to myself: Lets do some study. Purchased for two months for HRC…….bad thing is, i have no idea, how to use this programm. So i first have to look at some youtube videos i think ^^.

    One hand i wanna share here is with 12 people left in a 2.50 180-man with me in 2nd place in chips:

    PokerStars Hand #183095824620: Tournament #2232471978, $2.28+$0.22 USD Hold’em No Limit – Level XIV (800/1600) – 2018/02/26 23:43:32 CET [2018/02/26 17:43:32 ET]
    Table ‘2232471978 3’ 9-max Seat #6 is the button
    Seat 3: pestokss (12738 in chips)
    Seat 4: hyundai11 (4924 in chips)
    Seat 5: zocabrboca (30388 in chips)
    Seat 6: Hero (47107 in chips)
    Seat 7: cazzatore (39376 in chips)
    Seat 8: sjorsafoort (44829 in chips)
    pestokss: posts the ante 150
    hyundai11: posts the ante 150
    zocabrboca: posts the ante 150
    Hero: posts the ante 150
    cazzatore: posts the ante 150
    sjorsafoort: posts the ante 150
    cazzatore: posts small blind 800
    sjorsafoort: posts big blind 1600
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Hero [Ks As]
    pestokss: raises 10988 to 12588 and is all-in
    hyundai11: folds
    zocabrboca: folds
    Hero: calls 12588
    cazzatore: folds
    sjorsafoort: raises 32091 to 44679 and is all-in
    Hero: calls 32091
    *** FLOP *** [Jc 7h Td]
    *** TURN *** [Jc 7h Td] [8d]
    *** RIVER *** [Jc 7h Td 8d] [Th]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    sjorsafoort: shows [Jd Js] (a full house, Jacks full of Tens)
    Hero: shows [Ks As] (a pair of Tens)
    sjorsafoort collected 64182 from side pot
    pestokss: shows [Qs 2s] (a pair of Tens)
    sjorsafoort collected 39464 from main pot
    pestokss finished the tournament in 12th place and received $3.89.
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 103646 Main pot 39464. Side pot 64182. | Rake 0
    Board [Jc 7h Td 8d Th]
    Seat 3: pestokss showed [Qs 2s] and lost with a pair of Tens
    Seat 4: hyundai11 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
    Seat 5: zocabrboca folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
    Seat 6: Hero (button) showed [Ks As] and lost with a pair of Tens
    Seat 7: cazzatore (small blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 8: sjorsafoort (big blind) showed [Jd Js] and won (103646) with a full house, Jacks full of Tens

    The short guy who shoved was a fish on tilt. So he basically shoves any two. I just called, as i first thought: If the other big stack shoves, i will fold”……..but than, when he shoved……hmmmmm i just couldn´t find the fold button.

    I think ICM-wize the play was horrible. Also when i play that hand, then i have to openpush i think. But since people are really really crazy in micro´s, i thought at the end: fk it, i wanna win that tourney. and if i ship that pot, that would be really really nice ^^…………….i will calculate that hand, when i know how HRC works :).

    For now i just wanna grind, since i don´t have enough time :(.

    GL all!

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    Keep up the good work buddy. When you post a hand follow this guide. It’s too hard to tell whats going on with the raw HHs



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    Hey man

    Your situation sounds similar to my own i.e. similar age, comfortable job and minimal time to play poker despite enjoying it so much!

    I’m currently working on building up my bankroll so that I can play bigger buy ins (you can check out my progress in my blog ;) ). I started with a $100 deposit on 888 in Nov and things are going relatively well. I predominately play MTT’s but since the traffic isn’t too bad on 888 I find that a) it’s more manageable to fit an MTT into my “part-time” schedule b) smaller fields is helping me to make deeper runs, Final tables and trophys.

    I started playing $1 tournaments with ~100 BI, now I’m rolled for over 300 $5 tournaments, so you can build a roll up over a relatively short amount of time on a recreational schedule. But you’ve got to be comfortable playing for smaller prizes up top until you’re ready to move up to the bigger BI. Personally, I haven’t found this as much of a problem. As I mentioned, the smaller fields have meant deeper runs and it keeps it more interesting in comparison to grinding a $2 MTT on Stars for 6 hours and getting a min cash!

    Having said that, I’m happy to keep competent/good players away from my 888 fields so if you wanna stay on Stars SNG then that’s cool ;)

    Good luck man!

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    Ty Mariano. I know that but just did not think about it when i posted ^^

    Here is the fix ;) http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/8796269

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    Hey @sidge85 we really got a similar situation here :). I played on 888 back when i was a Player without a clue about BRM. Just like u discribed. Deposit 50…..win some and bust it all back or just withdraw and spend on some shit :D.

    The fields are very soft there. Thats true. But i first wanna grind my way up with star MTTSNG as i feel like i can Play the most flexible timewise there.

    After i reach an ABI of 10-15 $, i will also play on other sites.

    I will give your blog for sure a read. Wish you the best of luck on your journey buddy.

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    Another quick Little update: I just ended my session for today. I started yesterday with 260. Won a 90-man-ko and was up to 335. Today i won another one and am up to 410 :)…….also FT´d a 4.50 MTTSNG. Had a very soft FT but busted on a flip against the biggest fish on the table :) (on 9th ^^)……well, we can not win em all :).

    Hope the rungood continues.

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    Always nice when you boost your br really fast :) Always sucks when reaching to ft and then busting 9th, but first place is not far away  Keep up the good work and geep us updated!


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    Hello everybody,
    my everyday life is currently an emotional rollercoaster ride. There is good and bad to report. Let’s start with the bad things.
    I am currently working a lot. I would even say, definitely too much. But I still have so much privacy to do or would at least like to do so much other stuff then just working..
    I am currently completely neglecting the fitness training. That annoys me a lot. But I just do not have time for that. If I have a little time, I spend this time with my family or with poker. I have to say that I love to do both. But I also have to admit that I spend very little time with myself. It does not last long, especially in such a stressful time, not good.
    The most annoying part of the story is that I work far too much for what I earn. If I put so much time (10-12 hours daily) in poker, I would probably earn 5 times of that ^^ ……. well, i´m not sure about that one. But i could well imagine it :). In summary it can be said: I have to switch back a gear …….. at best and first in my daily work. Because I work for a fucking company that would be happy with 80% of my workforce ……… but my ambition just does not let me go.
    I think of a video of Joe Ingram :). He recently spoke very emotionally in a video and said something like, “I do not know if this is all. Is poker really everything? Is there anything more meaningful? ….. just look at it yourself, if you do not know it :).
    I can only say one thing Bro: As a normal person who has a 9-5 job, it does not feel any better. You ask yourself the same questions, but with one major difference: I do not do any work that I love. I can not travel the world to my heart’s content. I’m not my own boss …………. I think as a poker professional who can make a good living financially, you’re far better off:) ……. and if you do not feel like that, you should probally not become a poker pro after all.

    Well, enough of crying. Now to the positive things of life ……… namely poker :).
    I actually managed to finally study for a few hours (well, there were only 2-3). And the time was really gold worth. On the one hand, I finally understand HRC (at least I think so) and on the other hand I discovered a few ICM leaks in my game.
    To the results: I was in 3 sessions from about 400 dollars down to 260……… I was on the verge of being frustrated. Then I managed to get back up to 385, before I was down to 265 in 2 sessions again.
    I have to admit, not everything went well variancewise. But I also did not play my A-Game. I played both sessions, although I did not feel well. I was tired, had no clear mind, was very irritable. Nevertheless, I played because poker is for me something like playing PlayStation ….. I can switch off, calm down ……. well, as long as the BadBeats are limited :). In another session, I even played drunk. Because I currently want to use every free minute for Poker. I just love it. Funnily, I’ve even completed the session with profit lol ………. The insight from the story: Use the time to study rather, if you do not feel well enough for a session.
    Anyway. I landed at 385 dollars after my session on Sunday. Almost everything was well done. On Monday then, I should actually go to work.
    I do not know if that’s a sign of a burn out, but I just could not get out of bed. I was tied up and I did not fucking want to work …….. So I stayed home at short notice.
    And what did I do? Poker the whole day ………. and raised my BR from $ 385 to $ 635. In one session. Damn that was so hot, that i got even more afraid of the downswing that will come…….sooner or later :).
    My game currently consists mainly of 90-man KO’s and 4.50 on-demand. Additionaly I mix a little bit 2.80 180er, 3.50 45er and 3.50 18er. The two first named are currently running really brilliant.
    I only have one topic that I really need to work on at the moment. My HU-play. Good luck with the 90-man KO’s, because of the flat structure. But the 4.50er …….. I did not even won 1 in 3 HU. And mostly it was my patience. I HATE deepstacked HU-play. It just makes me crazy to play 3 hours to HU and then use eff. 120 BB to unload the HU. Problem at the thing is the Payjumps. On average about 40 dollars …… around 8-9 BI …….. that hurts so much ^^.
    But I tilled after 20 minutes at the latest HU-Play and can not play seriously …….
    Now it’s enough. Otherwise, nobody has the courage to read this long text……..do not hope so ;)…..Well at least i gave my soul a free rein.

    GL all. Much love

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