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    Hi guys, I would really appreciate it, if anybody has any insights for me, who is or was in a common situation.

    I will turn 25 in summer and I’m from Austria, finished school nearly 6 years ago, didn’t study and was always pretty happy with what I’m doing and I am still but not that much. I do have a tough job(sometimes 90-100h-weeks) in catering in the event area and according to the conversations with co-workers and my boss I do have a realistic chance to get the executieve chair when my boss retires in the next two years. Accordingly to that I do have a solid income, I guess it’s the first time in my life I wish I had a shit job with low income so my decision would be much simplier. Why I tell you that, so maybe you understand it’s pretty hard for me.

    I started with poker when the poker boom happened, not really serious. Two years ago I wanted to take it more serious, but also due to my job I hadn’t a lot of time for that. In October last year I joined RYE and bought the APP-class, I was overwhelmed from the beginning, the community, the content, the engagement of everybody to help each other, the RYE-team, well Ben, you really can be proud of what you’ve created here, I did work in good companies, but not in a single one we had something like this, meanwhile I just call it the RYE-spirit. J Since October I try to grind regulary, not always simple, also having a girlfriend and poker is definitely time-intense. Not even had a 4-figured score yet, some 400-500$ scores, but nothing big, but the game is so impressible for me.

    So the more I think about it, the more I like the idea to make a living of poker. I would call myself a pretty conservative guy and since I’m thinking about this I always tell myself “Come on man, that’s just phase, you wouldn’t ever do this, that’s absurd, you have a good job, a good income and good chances for a top job the next years”. On the other side there are days, it’s like my inner self already made the decision, that I quit my job and start trying to make a living of poker. The fire in my eyes I had 3 or 4 years ago in my job, I have it now when I watch/play/study poker. Normally on my rare days off, I sleep until 11 am, but now I get up at 7:30 and start grinding, it just makes so much fun, it’s not like in a company, where you have to rely on so many people, it’s just your thing, your dedication, your choice. I didn’t talk to somebody yet, because I guess nobody would ever understand me. The only human being rather understand me, would actually be my girlfriend. So I do really think about it and I do have a ton of questions to you but here the most important for me:

    · How did your family, friends, wife, girlfriend when you told them? And how exactly did you tell them?

    · I won’t ever move away from Austria(my present opinion), so will it stay taxfree in Austria and if not, will it be beatable/enough profitable if you’re not playing the highest Buy-Ins? (would like here an insight of a pro)

    · Is it a lifetime thing? I mean, will poker in 30 years still will be the thing it is now? It would be really tough to move back into a normal work life.

    · Is poker a job you can build a house with and having an own family?(that’s my conservative core here ? )

    I would really appreciate any sort of insight, also feel free to PM me on discord!

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    Hey man, thanks for the honesty first of all.

    It’s a really hard question to answer as an outsider because there are so many personal factors at play.

    I will say that it won’t be an easy road. The freedom is nice, and the challenge is great, but along with will come a lot of pain. But that is what makes it so great also. There’s no guarantee of success, but there’s also no ceiling as far as how far you can potentially take it. It will become a grind like anything in life, but of course the benefits can be huge as well. Basically I’m just trying not to sugar coat it. A lot of people have the idea that it’s just fun times playing poker for a living, without any downsides. There will be stress involved. The variance can be brutal as you know.

    I’m not sure what to say relating to your situation.  It sounds like you have a pretty good job and some opportunities for the future with it. But then again your heart is telling you to follow the poker dream. And it looks like you would have a tough time balancing the two. Is there any way you could save up and take a leave of absence for a while and focus more on poker? Without burning the bridges at work? Or could also just leave your company, and then work in the same field in the future with your previous work experience? This are questions you want to ask. But to do the poker thing seriously, it would require your full time basically. Either that or you could work on your game as much as possible for the time being, and then when you feel you’re ready to go for it fully then take the plunge. Again I’m really not sure all the details. But I do know that down the road you may regret not going for your passion. So there’s always that. You’re still young as well.

    As far as being able to make a good living and buy a house etc from poker, it’s definitely possible and will continue to be for a while IMO. Especially the live poker scene is still very soft. There’s also other avenues within the poker world that you might be able to find additional income in.

    Family and friends may or may not support you at the start. It really depends. From an outside perspective people often see poker as just crazy gambling and not sustainable. It’s very hard to understand the poker world if you’re not in it. So we can’t expect them to. But if they see it’s what you want to do and you show them you are working hard at it like any other job, they will likely start to understand.

    hopefully some of that will help..

    good luck!


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    Hey man, thx for your answer!

    Well and as you mentioned, I guess the stress and pressure would be one of the hardest things for me. I mean, I’m not the guy, who reads just the things he wants to read, also read some blogs, intervies, and so on, where also the bad sides were mentioned, like how will I feel, when I put in very much effort every single month and it still can be that there are red numbers at the end of the month, but I also like it, when not everything is just super and happy, that’s just life..but of course the guaranteed income is past..

    We’re a small company(& belong to our township) where it’s kind of one-man-shows in the different areas and we work with local temporary staff, when we have bigger events, so I can not work less for less money in the same position as I’m now. I would definitely stay in contact with the company, also some friends of mine do work on weekends in our company and I could also imagine to continue working as a temporary staff(in austria you can earn appr. 430€ per month without paying taxes or national insurance, you can also do this as student on the weekend) but just if it’s monetary necessary, because it would completely be different compared to what I’m doing now and after 5 years in this business, I honestly don’t want to move backwards.

    That’s also my opinion..I have a lot of respect of the game and also the players who beat it, but if I take it serious, there’s almost no chance to having a breakthrough when exercising it as a hobby..


    Really appreciate your words man, thank you!

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    Hey man! My 2 cents…

    Job situation – i’ve worked as a bartender/barmanger for a lot… Working with people is hard – they “drain” your energy, almost like vampires lol Combining this job with poker won’t be easy… Through years i’ve found my “perfect” combination. If you could manage somehow to find a part time job in this sector (i don’t know how it works in Austria, but here in Italy it’s not that difficult – every bar needs an extra guy to cover some off-shifts), you’ll be able to start gradually and see how it goes :-) This conservative approach will reduce the stress a little bit – at least you’ll know that in case of a badrun or any other incertainty you’ll have your expences covered ;-) Like Mariano said, it won’t be easy…

    About family, friends and others – at the begginning prepare yourself to be misunderstood by many of them. When i first told my mom i’ve started playing poker seriously and my plan was to become a PPP she laughed so hard that we’ve almost lost her lol My girlfriend has been a bit more understanding :-) After 3 years or so, when they’ve seen all the effort and passion i put in this game, they started to accept it. At the end, people who love you, will be happy for you anyway and will support you in any situation!

    For the other questions you have to hear what’s more experienced players have to say – people who’s been inside for more years :-)

    The clue is to follow your dreams to have no regrets i the future! It’s your life and only you decide what to do! I know it sounds like a general phrase, but you should really beleive it :-) Wish you the best of luck for your journey mate!





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    Really hard to tell and advise as an outsider.

    But i’ll give you this;


    If the job gives you certainty in life and the satisfaction (although working with others including much hours/week) you should continue with that. If you want to try something new, just try/test without throwing your certain things you already have over board.

    When you really are convinced, I mean YOU, not family/friends etc, you could go and try it out.

    I had the same question as you had in about 5 years ago when I was a bit younger but I didn’t chose for poker because I had everything in me except the right mindset. If I would have chosen for Poker I would be nowhere, although I was beating games and had a decent ROI.

    Now I do have some more spare time (it might come to you as well) and I pick it up again and I will see where it ends. It might bring me to a fulltime poker player again but we’ll see how the journey goes.

    Tip, listen to yourself and don’t waste certain things in life until you really know what you want and are capable to.


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    Here’s my 0-cent contribution.

    Interesting post, to some extent I’m living the same thing. 31, Switzerland, nicely paid job. But I’ve had this fire burning inside me for years about poker. I had other objectives in life until now, but now I’m facing the exact same decision.

    Anyway, I might repeat the previous comments, but the crucial questions for me are the following.

    Assume you don’t go for it. Will you regret it in the future? When you’re on your deathbed?

    And I add this one as well : same question if you go for it and fail, will you regret it? Will you regret the perspective of this executive chair if you miss it?

    Difficult to answer for you. I mean, maybe this might be just a wish, a dream, you find it cool and fantasize about big money but at the same time, you like your job. In this case, I guess you might regret if you try and fail. If you really like your job, at some point, you might even regret if you try and succeed. Tough to know what it’s like until you tried.

    Or, maybe you cannot stand your current job anymore and you know you’ll hate it soon and then you’ll hate to wake up in the morning.

    For me, this is important. Then of course, other questions arise about it practically if you want to take your chance : how long can you sustain yourself without any income? are you truly willing to put in the hours, the effort and suffer the pain? what’s your plan exactly? When will you play? How will you make it work with your girlfriend/family/friends?

    It seems I’ve added more questions then giving answers. But I hope this helps.

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    Thx guys for every single response/insight and also questions, helps me really a lot! And of course I let you know when a decision is made!

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    Long time, no hear!

    As promised, I’ll be back writing, when a decision is made.. :-)

    2 months ago I decided to take poker more serious and quit my job and everything went pretty well. 1 month ago I shipped a small tourney for about 1k, which I spent on lots in the euromillion lottery and won immediately 27 million euros.. :-)


    Just kidding.. ;-)

    As always in life, everything went completly different. After reading a book from Gschwandtner Florian, founder and fromer CEO of runtastic(you should probably know this app), I noticed you can study some business stuff extra-occupational, so I’m studying since the beginning of september for the next 3 years. Job pissed me off extremly, so I quit it in May, but worked until the end of august because of my notice period.

    Since the study goes hand-in-hand with job(which I don’t have at the moment, get financially supported from the Austrian job market for the first 12 month, because….that’s pretty complicated to explain, if anyone really is interested, let me know..), I only have to be at university friday and saturday, so there is a looooooooot of time for poker.. :-)

    But no worries, I study because I like the area, pretty interesting, not because of having time for poker over the first 12  months. But I definitely will take poker more serious and maybe start a blog here.. :-)

    GL at the tables and again thanks for your tips!


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