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    I had this hand in a live session, and I need som input on my river decision. I know the information here is a little limited, but its all I have.

    Villain – $350ish – MP – Man in his 40s. Seems to be decent. Haven’t been out of line. He has been limping a couple of hands previously, so I assume he limps about 30% of hands in position, excluding the top of his range.

    Hero – $250 – BB – sat down a few orbits ago, haven’t played many hands.

    Hero: 5s2s

    EP limps for $5, Villain limps for $5, SB completes and Hero checks

    Pot: $20

    Flop: Ah4s8d

    Checks around

    Turn: 7s

    Checks around to V who bets $20. SB folds, Hero raises to $60. EP folds. Villain calls. SB folds

    Pot: $140

    River: 2c

    Hero: ??

    So I am very curious to hear what you guys think. My initial thoughts are bet small (1/3 pot), and try to give him a good price with 67/68 type hands. My second thought is to overbet, ($150-160ish) since the 2 shouldn’t improve my hand very often and he could herocall with Ax. My third thought is to just put in a 60% pot bet.

    What are your thoughts here? Input on earlier streets are also welcome

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    You should be leading this turn. You have a huge draw and you risk the pot being checked through again. think about all the value hands you want to bet twice with. Then we want to pick our best bluffs to use with them.

    As played you just have a pair of 2s right? Maybe you wrote the hand wrong as it seems you’re looking for sizings on the river which will get called? let me know.

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    River: 3c (I hit 2. nuts), so yeah I’m wondering what size to pick vs Villains range.

    Here’s my thoughts on the turn check raise:

    If we bet and get called on the turn and brick the river, don’t we block some of the bluffs he could have? we block spades. At the same time we almost have nut low, and we do block 56. Maybe it is a great bluff hand on the river.

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    Yes but if you x/raise and river bricks it’s the same scenario where you’re blocking some of his potential draws (folds) but now you’re in an even bigger pot.

    The main reason for betting turn is that we can just take it down fairly often. But when we check, as I said we give them free equity and they will check through very often. So we’re missing a good bluff spot.

    As played I would usually go around pot here. You could also over pot. Totally fine. I think with Ax he bets flop often, but can still have some. He might get curious with that and call. And he can def also have 77, 78. So we should use a big sizing to target that range. Obv with his missed draws it doesn’t matter how big we go. In these games I would just tend to go on the bigger size always until you have reasonable evidence that someone is capable of folding a good hand. Most aren’t.

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