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    Hello together,

    here’s the hand i played in a live 200 $ tournament in a late phase, few hours before the FT bubble – i was the 4. Stack of the Tournament and i had a TA table image:

    Blinds: 1000/2000. BT Ante: 2000.


    UTG – Hero(T201,000)

    UTG+1 – Recr. (T96,000)

    MP – Good Reg. (T101,000)

    MP2 – Recr. (T90.000)

    CO – Recr. (T66,000)

    BTN – Good reg. (T142,000)

    SB – Recr. (T88,000)

    BB – Villain VA Reg. (T175,000)

    Preflop: (T5,000, 8 players) Hero is UTG with A♦ K♦.Hero raises to T5000,6 folds,  BB raises to T16,000,  Hero calls 10,000.

    Flop: T♠ 9♠ J♥ (T35,000, 2 players – Hero: T185,000, BB: T159,000).BB bets T15,000, Hero calls T15,000

    Turn: 9♥ (T65,000, 2 players – Hero: T170,000,BB: T143,000).BB bets T25,000, Hero calls T25,000

    River: 9♣ (T115,000, 2 players, Hero: T145,000, BB: T118,000).BB bets T29,000, Hero calls T29,000

    Total Pot: T173,000

    Hero shows A♦ K♦ (High card, Ace).BB shows K♠ 4♠   (High card, King)

    Hero wins T173,000

    My thought process was like this: I am UTG and have a TA image. Villain was already running some big barell bluffs in the earlier stages of the tourn. When he 3B me, i think of taking a flop IP and playing post-, both beeing so deep. In this case, i am just calling 100 % of my range, no 4B. When he CB the flop quite big, i am starting to have doubts about him having a value hand.I have all the straights,sets and almost all of the 2 P in my OR-3B/C range, especially so deep. I don’t have a diamond, but i have a gutshot and 2 overs. Even if there is a pretty scarry board, i am giving him a lot of semi-bluffs (Ax, Kx wth FD, Qx and ocassionaly Jx,Tx). On the Turn , he barely have a 9x hand in his range and besides floped straights not too much value hands to barell. When he gets called i have at least AJ-AK, OESD or Nut FD. , think he should be checking a good portion of the time.That’s why i narrow his range to Qx, most of the time AQ and Ax&Kx FD, so i am calling. The river is the worst card for him, unlucky run out. I think he should be x/C or block bet Tx,Jx,QQ,KQ sometimes even KK and big bet or x/R shove (TT,JJ,AA) . Besides that, i don’t think he’d 3B JJ so much from the BB in HU against my tight OR range, even less the TT and these are 6 Combos total. Blocking AA and KK, i am giving him really only the QQ as a value hand to block bet, another 6 combos. That’s why him having a good portion of bluffs on his range i am given a very good price. I tanked for 2 min than i called it down. Any other thoughts?


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