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    Vs 24/20 reg that has 78% rfi in sb

    This can be a line that attacks Ax. The river sizing seems too small to try to get pairs to fold.

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    Please give more thoughts on the hand. What range do you think he takes this line with? What type of hands do you want to be calling down 3 barrels with here?

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    He shouldn’t have A high, he would be turning it into a bluff on the turn. So he either has a Jx type bluff range that’s looking to fold pairs/Ax or mid pairs/straights/etc that’s looking for pairs to call. Maybe 2 regs are balanced in nl25, and it can’t be him with that flop sizing lol (should be checking everything).

    The flop gets calls from Ax/Kx/pairs/straight draws. Didn’t bet huge turn so he’s looking for more calls. I think that he thinks he’d get too many calls with the 1/2 pot sizing since I called the turn (if I think he’s bluffing the turn, it should be the same story on the river).

    Population tendencies: Bluffs bvb are usually bigger on the river. I like my fold

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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