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    About me

    Hey guys, I am 30 years old and I’m from Vorarlberg / Austria. As you can see, I like weird screennames haha. The reason for that is, that I don’t like it to get tracked down across the internet so I often use unique random nicknames..

    I played already 12 years ago mainly 9 max Sit & Go’s. Games where very soft at these times and I climbed from 11$ SNGs BI to 55$ literally within days – I didn’t care about solid postflop skills or anything, I only had a good understanding for Push/Call ranges which was enough to beat the games grinding 9-24 tables without thinking. I used the poker winnings to buy my first car and get self employed – so it was a very short poker career. From that point I played every few months random live games (tournaments and nl200-400) just 4 fun.

    In June this year I got the idea to start with Poker more serious again. The reason is that the game and how much you can learn about it, is still fascinating for me and IMO it’s a great way to spend my freetime instead, like other friends do, hanging around all the time in bars or in front of your TV.

    So I googled for tournament courses and found RYE. At this time the main reason why I bought it was: “OK, this guy looks solid and hey – he is from Austria too :P”. Later I realized how lucky I am that I found Bencb. I really like his great mindset and attitude in general. For me Ben is definitely a inspiring person and I don’t say this about many persons. The reason why I start with my journey 6 months after purchase is, that I quit my old job shortly after purchasing the TMC and I simply had no time for Poker as I was most of the time in Thailand traveling. But now I’m back in Austria with a new job and ready to go..

    Btw… yesterday I already had my first success – I finished as first 1,10$ bounty hunter for 56,32$ and a 5,50$ bounty hunter as second for 271,66$

    Current Bankroll / Stakes

    BR: 2627$
    BI: Slow tournaments up to 11$, turbo up to 5,50$

    If I want to play some special events with higher BI I don’t mind doing it. But in that case I’d fund it from personal funds and not with my BR.

    I play on Partypoker. I am still not 100% sure about this, but

    – Partypoker has less rake
    – Better Rakeback / Bonuses
    Considering these to factors I feel like Stars isn’t interested anymore into having a good playerpool – lol. When I started Poker, they were much better (less Rake, Super Nova, ..)

    – No hud – could also be a pro, as I don’t focus this way on too much stuff. But learning is definitely harder as I can’t mark hands for review and stuff… Workaround: Snagit – do Screenshots

    My mid term goals

    • Complete and understand the TMC
    • Keep grinding – I work 42 hours per week and only have free time from 6:00 – 12:00pm where I have to do household, eating, sports – so time is definitely my main issue.
    • Maintain the blog
    • Find poker friends / group – be more active in Discord
      • I also stalk some great blogs here – I noticed already great players from Germany and Switzerland

    Money isn’t a big goal at all, as I earn enough of it in Switzerland haha. But let’s say enough money follows, then for sure I’d consider to spend some time in Thailand and play fulltime there..
    In general I like the idea to exit from Standard life aka having to work until age of 70 from 8 – 5. I also save good amounts of money in stocks to have early retirement strategies.

    Also it’s a dream to play the WSOP Main Event in Vegas at some point.

    Typical weekly schedule

    • Work: Monday – Friday (7:00 – 18:00 out of my home)
    • Gym: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (means at Tuesday and Thursday that I appear at home around 8:30 pm – not much time left for poker)
    • Poker: I try to play sessions or study on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – but obv I’ll never have that super high volume so I need to focus on quality

    About gym: I have a 1.000€ bet that I’m able to get a sixpack within 12 months (expires in March). The bet happened as a result of beer drinking and I almost screwed it up as I was traveling a lot and obv there was no training at all for months. But as I don’t like to loose bets, I still give my best and try it with a intense diet.. So yes, I like sidebets – at least when I feel in favor haha

    So I hope someone manages it to read my post until this point and see you soon :)

    Wall of success (last update: 22.12.2019)

    “When you have one little victory add up and that is what gives you ultimately confidence” (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    • 21.12.2019, 5,50 Bounty Hunter – 2nd for 271,66$
    • 21.12.2019, 1,10$ Bounty Hunter – First for 56,32$
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    Hey what’s up man!? Welcome to the RYE community!

    For your goals I’d recommend trying to be a little more specific. It should help if you have some actual metrics to aim for.

    I see you’r already on the discord app which is great. As you say, trying to be active on there is key. So maybe you could try to post say like 1 hand a week or something. Again having some metric there will ensure you actually follow through with things easier.

    good luck the journey and keep us posted!

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    Hey mariano,

    normally I’m more specific with goals, as I always use the SMART method, but I didn’t want to blow up my initial post. I have a private notebook, which is more specific about my goals.

    But thanks for your suggestions. For example I’m pretty quiet so far in Discord as some groups feel to advanced and it’s a good idea to set there also some measurable goals.

    I will use my next few posts to get into my goals more in detail.

    See you!

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    Hey welcome and have fun bloggin =)

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    Hey guys,

    I hope you had a nice christmas time. So far I don’t have much to tell, as I enjoyed christmas with my family. The only special event was, that I shared a table with DWstevie – so it was for me the first time to share a table with a “famous” person. We had a few hands but only standard stuff – nothing special – unfortunately I busted, when I squeezed his wide open raise with AQo and a coldcaller woke up with AA. But at the table I didn’t tell Stevie that I know him, as it would be a free read for him haha

    I think in my next post I’ll get more into detail how I want to finish the TMC. Also we have local a 1.100€ Main Event which I want to play in February. I hope that I’ll also be able to share nice situations from there with you

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    Hi iliketrains!

    whats up? Good luck with your plan!
    i will be soon in Salzburg, maybe we can talk about strategy and stuff like this? When and where is the main event your are talking about?


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    Hey xalex,

    you are from Germany, right? I discovered already your blog.

    Salzburg is a few hours away from me but it’s a nice city, I was already there to evaluate software for my recent company. What will you do there? Play the CAPT Main Event? :D I want to play the CAPT Main Event in Bregenz, Februaray 2020. Who knows, when I perform good there I maybe also want to join the CAPT Main Event in Salzburg in April..

    If you want, you can add me on Discord Tischgiraffe#4965

    So far I would consider myself as beginner, as I completed only 10% from the TMC

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    Hey, happy new year! Time for a little update…

    New year – new habits

    I implemented a new daily routine, which I execute everyday – preferred before Poker study or grind sessions:

    1. Cold shower
    2. Meditation

    Also no alcohol for January – actually I want even to go longer for it (Book recommendation: “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life”, Annie Grace)

    But just to say – I’m not a big fan of new year goals. I think many people set too many goals and then they fail within days. So I also have during the year review processes (Klarheit) and execute right now, when I want to change something. Of course I also have once a year (end of December) a big review process where I look into my big bicture goals… look deep into them, adjust, visualize, …


    Not much to say as I spent a lot of time with my family around new year.

    Actually I decided to start from 0 with the TMC with openraising. I mean at hand reviews I never discovered major leaks in my openraise ranges (not to tight. not too loose). BUT the ranges are in my unconscious mind and I think I should increase my awareness for preflop ranges in general, as it’s very fundamental.

    So this week my schedule is like:

    • Monday – Focus EP raising
    • Tuesday – review hands
    • Wednesday – Focus MP raising
    • Thursday – Review
    • Friday – Sunday will be about LP and SB
    • Sunday – make a decision if I need more time on that topic

    I try to talk to me like:

    “OK, my position is X – means my range is Y, that’s n% of hands by default, lets look at the table lineup..”

    Sure the awareness fades sometimes away. That’s normal I guess. IMHO that’s also a good reason to meditate as in meditation you also practice to catch the mind when it’s fading away and go back to focus..

    So the goal is obv that you could wake me up at 3:00 and ask me: “Your position is CO, whats your default range?” :D


    I’m thinking about moving to Switzerland, as taxes in Austria are far too high (in my case for work & investments) and our politicians are as corrupt as somewhere in the balkans :D (yes, true story – for example our famous Ibiza star / former vice chancellor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz6BeEVVCjc ). So not much hope for normal population that the tax situation improves – politicians are busy with making weird deals and do favors for their campaign sponsors and even if there is hope that the government improves (like now) we usually have new elections before they could change anything..

    As many pokersites (for example Partypoker, Stars, ..) aren’t allowed there it bothers me somehow as it feels like: “Does it even make sense to put much effort into poker?” So I think I also have to make a decision there. But for now I try to just play and don’t worry to much as I’ll find for sure a solution when I feel like I want to play online poker more serious..

    See you soon :) Lets crush 2020 guys..





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    Ahhh, I spent so much time on my most recent posting and it disappeared :((


    1. Write post
    2. Submit
    3. Spot an error – edit the post – submit again
    4. ??? posting disappeared

    Can somebody help me to restore it’s content? From a e-mail notification or so? My posting was definitely there. I don’t see a mistake from me. Even the forum software says, that I published a posting a few minutes ago but it’s gone..

    Post count: 15

    Weekly update


    as I mentioned in my previous post, unfortunately a posting disappeared. You can see in the thread overview that my blog is supposed to contain 11 postings but actually there are only 10 postings visible.

    Honestly it killed my motivation to continue with my blog as it was somehow a frustrating experience. But hey it would be wrong to give up blogging just because something went wrong so here is another weekly update. In future I want to update my blog at least one time per week to talk about my progress and also about my goals more in details.

    So let’s move to todays topics:

    Social contacts to other RYE members close to me

    I have now a small Discord group with two RYE members which live only 15 minutes away from me. It’s great and for me it helps a lot to stay motivated as I don’t feel so lonely anymore in the poker universe.. ;)

    Live tournament win

    To get used to playing live tournaments, I want to visit at least 2 tournaments per month. I also really need to practice more live – for example yesterday I wanted to do a 2x raise and wasn’t aware about the fact that the blinds climbed already to 3/6k. So I throw 4k into the pot and ended up with limp instead raising..

    However – yesterday was my second live tournament in 2020 (48€ Freezout, 2k gtd) and I ended up with a 4 way deal (25% for each) and cashed 425€! For me the deal was fine as I lost a flip a few hands ago and I only had 10% of total chips (about 10bb) left..

    My first big tournament – Kings German days

    From February 28 to March first I’ll play with my RYE friends my first big field live MTT. Kings German days, 175€ buyin, 300k gtd. I’m sooo excited and maybe I’ll see some of you there ;)

    Mental class purchase

    Additionally to the TMC I bought Bencbs mental course. Actually I don’t have major tilt issues but I got the impression that the mental course in general seems to be a good investition as it is from Ben – do some digging as something in me often holds me back from starting a session and I don’t know why. Because at most other topics I simply keep executing..

    About other challenges

    • Every day cold shower – OK (today is likely my first break as I got sick and feel like my body needs rest..)
    • Every day meditating – OK
    • No Alcohol in January – OK
    • Sixpack Sidebet – 4x/week gym + 3x/week walk… OK… But not sure if I’ll win that one at is isn’t easy to loose so much body fat.. Right now I’m down to 70kg (174cm) but my belly still looks like I have to loose a good amount of fat with onle 6 weeks time left..


    So keep crushing guys and see you soon..




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    Weekly Update / monthly update

    Finished January challenges

    • No alcohol
    • Daily Meditation
    • Daily Cold showers (with cold break..)

    I definitely want to keep going with all three of them.  I think staying away from alcohol improves my quality of life in general: Improved sleep, better mood, better results with gym, poker, …

    Also I often feel super relaxed after a meditation – I really enjoy it to do simply nothing

    February – No social media

    Actually I picked up that idea from “Pendul7”. I really like that challenge as I kill too much time with social media and I don’t see many benefits in it. Each time when I pick up my phone I automatically click on “Instagram” and/or “Facebook” – also when I open up a browser on my desktop computer, I almost instantly fire up Facebook. Sometimes I get lost into the (infinity) timeline far too long..

    So to conquer that bad habit I deactivated FB + Instagram and also deleted it from my phone.

    Btw.. Ben also explains in his mindset class why social media could lead to tilt.. :O


    At moment I manage to play 3-4 sessions per week. My volume is for a regular definitely on the lower side – a typical session lasts in my case 3-5 hours and as I play usually max 4 tables (I start now increasing to 6) I guess you can imagine that I don’t play a lot of tournaments at all – but yeah, playing tournaments while having a full time job isn’t that easy.

    Next weekend I want to go for bigger sessions like 8-10 hours to bring in more volume..

    But in general I start feeling, thanks to the TMC, more and more comfortable with my game! My ingame self confidence keeps increasing and I keep producing decent results. For example this weekend I had nice deep-runs in the 11$ mini gladiator and also 11$ deepstack – both of them had bigger fields (>1000 players).. Unfortunately I had to say in both cases “bye bye” close before final 9 players and sure it feels disappointing right before the bigger payjumps. But with my increasing self confidence in poker I’m able to maintain a positive outlook and know it’s only a matter of time until I make a good score in a tournament like Mini Gladiator.

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    Congratulations on the live tournament cash! Keep going and I appreciate the effort you put in maintaining this blog.
    Thinking about joining for poker con too but chances are slim as I have other plans. Good luck in advance and hope to see you on the live stream

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    Congratulations on the live tournament cash! Keep going and I appreciate the effort you put in maintaining this blog.

    Thinking about joining for poker con too but chances are slim as I have other plans. Good luck in advance and hope to see you on the live stream

    Hey pokerdutchie,


    thanks for stepping by!

    Actually I go in February to the Kings casino – Poker con is in April, so far I don’t have any plans to visit it. But haha, your posting caused me at least to do some research about poker con and maybe I’ll change my mind soon. Sounds like a great event to join..

    It seems like you are up and then in the Kings casino, right? So maybe we will see us one day there, in case I fall in love with the Kings :D

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    Weekly update – Inspiration or frustration? (mindset)

    I started the week with Bencbs mindset class. The class confronted me with the question: “Do you play poker out of inspiration or out of desperation?”. I mean sure, I assume most people tend to answer the question with what they want to hear/what they want to tell themself. So did I – I was like: “Sure – inspiration!”

    But the more I kept thinking the more I was like: “When it’s true inspiration – why do I have such a hard time with just start grinding sessions?”. So I kept about the question: “Inspiration or frustration” over and over again.

    Now it’s pretty clear for me that it’s not desperation at all. Also, as I spent the last few days a lot with consuming poker content (Jamie Staples Twich – I love his attitude and just watching him… Also the new RYE nl100 video). As my awareness for “What truly inspires me?” was increased I caught myself how I often thought stuff like: “WOW, awesome… How can he be that good postflop, I also want to become that good”

    So yes, it’s inspiration

    But anyways I feel lazy as I tend to skip too much sessions. I mean yes, often I come home from work and feel like I’m low on energy – maybe also because of high calories deficit caused by my sixbet side challenge.

    So I still have to work on executing – minimum 3 x sessions per week, optimum 5. This week it was 1 session..

    Cold bath

    I just finished my first cold bath (as start just cold water, not the hardcore Bencb edition with icecubes ) – 4 minutes..

    Feels good that I did it! First my mind tried to manipulate me like: “Well.. you dont have to do this today, next week would also be a great opportunity”… But when I got aware about how I try to manipulate myself I managed to escape from pussy mode and just execute.

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