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    I cbet small on flop with the advantage + draws (Ax, hearts)

    The flop x/r could be a bluff or standard equity imo. It doesn’t seem to look for folds on the flop.

    Turn sizing isn’t folding Ax or draws, so air seems unlikely.

    BB only has $6 behind after the $13 bet. I don’t think players will fold Ax after calling twice, and he could’ve bet smaller to fold out a draw. Maybe he thought betting $18 all-in on the river would fold Ax? I’ve seen spews like this, but have you seen enough to call here? Without blockers also?

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    I wouldn’t call river there. He can have lots of 2 pairs, sets, even T8s, 58s there.

    I think on the flop you can go bigger 3 way though. I don’t think you’d use this sizing with AK right? Wet board multiway I’d just use like 2/3 sizing with a polarized range. So good bluffs and strong value.

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    A lot of coaches recommend a 33-55% bet multiway. But I think you have a good point there, it’s questionalbe if they raise enough. If this hand wouldn’t be multiway and he hadn’t check/raise the flop, I could overbet the turn here and I think part of betting small is to evaluate the strength of villan. So do you have a overbetrange multiway?

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    Yeh it would be better to bet 2/3 and have them put me on AK for when my flush hits too. If we’re talking about balance though, they should have enough hearts and Ax that bluffs wouldn’t work enough. So we wouldn’t have enough bluffs to justify a bigger sizing imo.

    For what it’s worth, I think betting 80% will get the almost the same folds on this run-out without x/r. So I’d overbet value

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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