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    hi guys first of all i dont know if this the correct area to post some of my thoughts and to take feedback-help. i am 28 and i was playing poker about 8 years, the last 5 i was playing more serious. i have finished university on healthcare bussiness administration. I started with multitable sngs 45-180 man and some mtt and i had some success there. i had played 1100200 hands with bb/100=5,7 also i have played 27024 tours( all of them is here,spins sngs mtts,) with ROI 3,34 and itm 27% and i have done a number of net winnings. After all i had a big downswings that it stopped me and it drives me to play cash games. I have played zoom2- zoom10 with 2,4bb/100 in 940095 hands, i wouldnt be happy when i was playing cash games mainly on bad days but it is a very good lesson for me and i learn better the game. after all of this i had an accident and i must stop playing. I hadnt played from july on 2019 but i will start again and i dont know which is the best for me. Cash games or multi sngs and mtts?? all the answers-help will be very useful for me guys ,thank you guys

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    Hey man, thanks for posting. This question is really hard to answer because it’s a personal thing. I think you want to think long and hard about which format you feel you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to fully and stick with through the tough times. What format do you enjoy the most? What format do you enjoy studying the most? What format do you feel fits your time schedule and play strengths? Do you have a network of players playing 1 format?  These are some questions you’ll want to ask.

    I’d also highly suggest joining the RYE discord and asking in there. You can create study groups, and get feedback on hands, along with tons of other benefits. Reach out in there in the “general” tab and see what people say.

    Good luck!

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    thank you very much Marianno. I have already post this on the RYE discord.. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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