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    Hello Community,

    Let me introduce me.
    Im 19 and from switzerland, which means that online Poker isn’t available anymore. Until September of this year I have time for Poker, then I will start to study math.

    I used to play micro limits up to NL10. I actually wanted to get the tournament masterclass, but because of the new law I decided to try live cash games.

    One week ago, RYE send me an E-mail about their new Cash-Game Course. Today (according to my time zone) they released it and I instantly bought it. I have high expections :)

    2 days ago and yesterday I played the first time in a Casino! At the moment I’m on vacation in Vienna. The lowest limit, which is also the limit I played, is 1/1 € (max buyin 100€). In switzerland the lowest limit is 2/2 CHF (1€ = 1.13 CHF) So first I will explain my first impressions and observations in the right chronology.

    1.) Most player buy in short. Some players buy in for the min, 20 €.
    2.) Their are many limpers. (I expectet this)
    3.) My first raise was to 7, which got multiple callers.
    4.) The regs are super nitty, the rest is a mix of loose passiv and maniac players.
    5.) Their are few players who play ok (mostly to wait for a seat on a higher level or for a tournament to start) Those players respected my raises.
    6.) 3-bets are very effectiv, but open-raises are rare…
    7.) Loose-passiv players don’t bluff. They even fold draws even if the odds are really good.
    8.) Nobody tanks, every option is either checked or bet quickly. Players don’t know how big the pot is.
    9.) Decisions are often based on emotions.
    10.) Players commit themselfs with TP ok kicker on the flop.
    11.) Only few players understand position.
    12.) Nobody (sadly including me) understand how to play short.

    I will explain the playerbase more detailed.

    The maniac:
    – Often gives tips to the dealer.
    – Overbets and then shows the bluff.
    – If he isn’t aggresiv he has a marginal hand.
    – Play value orientated and wait for a good opportunity.
    The nitty reg:
    – An old man
    – Has a preflop folding range, limp/calls a specukativ hand.
    – Raising means 2 high cards or a high pair, but against a 3 bet, they will continue maybe with AK and KK.
    – Bets mean made hand. With draws they play Check/Call.
    – Those players respected me (a bit too much)
    – 3-bet them with any two.
    – Play aggreaiv if they let you.
    – Respect their aggresion.
    The loose passiv:
    – Plays almost any two preflop and plays fit or fold.
    – Respect their raises.
    – Iso raise them and c-bet high or dry boards.
    The fit and commit:
    – Similar to the loose passiv but also raises with TP, so you can call if you have a good kicker.
    The ok player:
    – Rarely or doesn’t limp at all.
    – Knows which boards to c-bet.
    – Have an awareness of the potsize.
    – Play as if it would be online.

    Now to my leaks:
    – I still play like I would play online against an unknown.
    – I was a bit slow with my observations.
    – I don’t know how to write down my hands :( The game is really fast and I don’t want to miss information. Any advice?
    And my strenghts:
    – I beat the strong players.
    – My pokerface is better that I thought. Once it really surprised my opponent.
    – I stay calm and don’t tilt, even after loosing 160 €.

    And now the sessions.

    1.) Sun 14.04.19 CCC, Vienna, 18:00-22:00

    Again, sorry, that I didn’t write my hands down properly.
    So I played as if it was online and the session started well. 3-bet with A5s, openraise with KJs to 7, which is my standard size. Was 90€ up. I played disziplined and instafolded top two pair against a river-raise from a loose-passiv who showed the rivered straight.
    In the very next hand I raised QJ of spades against 2 limpers to 7 from late position. The BB and the limpers call. Flop: (28) 7h 9d Jd
    The BB is the only deep stacked player with 120€, a loose passiv and leeds out for 8. The limpers fold and I…. raised to 25. Stupid idea. He calls.
    Turn: (58) Qh
    He cheks, I bet 25, he announces All-in. After I tanked, I decided to call with the thought: “which hand would I call” and sure enough he had T8 and Im drawing to 4 outs.
    I leave the Casino 159 € poorer.

    2.) Mon 15.04.19 CCC, Vienna, 18:00-22:00

    If you ask why I start 18:00 even if the CCC is opemn 24 7 their are two reasons.
    1.) I hope the player base is more recreational (even if it’s 1/1)
    2.) I’m on vacation.
    Anyhow. The session started not so well and I lost two pots raising to 7 and giving up on a multiway flop.
    After a while I got two red aces from late position and an open from UTG. The player is unkonwn. Couple of Callers I make it 15 and only UTG calls, he is one of the only deep players, effectiv stacks around 120€.
    Flop (41) Ks 9s 5h
    He checks, I bet 18, he calls.
    Turn (77) As
    Interesting card, but which hands will he call a bit bet now… After he checks I bet small, 25, he calls.
    River (127) Th
    Another interesting card, so straights and flushs are possible. I decide to check/call. He bets really small, I snap. He doesn’t show, I don’t show. Then he dissatisfied shows the rivered set. I show my set.
    One hand which I just don’t know how to play. I have KJ of diamonds in the SB. Everyone limps. I check…
    Flop (9) As Kh 9d
    I check? Like everyone
    Turn (9) Tc
    I check, again? The nit on my right makes it 3, I call another does as well.
    River (18) Qc
    The nit checks out of turn and I think this is a great overbet opportunity, So many two pairs which could do a crying call.
    I bet 20, he says :”You only bet because I checked.” I said nothing. He tanked wanted to fold, but then calls. I show, he mucked. The other opponent who folded meant, it seamed like a bluff.
    One last hand. I have 99 and open to 7 from an early position. Thats my last orbit. Even the passiv players don’t want to get involved against me. The BTN calls.
    Flop (16) Jh Th 9h
    Hmmmmm. Check? He checks back.
    Turn (16) 5c
    I bet 7, he slowly says ok and calls.
    River (30) 7d
    I bet 12, he plays with his chips get’s 30€, but then said “joke, it’s yours”
    I leave the Casino 201€ richer.

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    Hey mate, welcome and good luck for your journey!

    By the way, online poker is still available for now, until end of June at least. Then it’ll be very dicey I agree.

    As for the live cash game, you are talking about 2/2 cash game, where are they? I’ve never found any cash game lower than 5/5 in a casino.


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    Hey Pendul,

    Yeah, but I didn’t want to spend time and effort to learn online-poker in this upcoming situation.

    I live near Bern. The Grand Casinos in Baden and in Luzern offer 2/2, which are about 1,5h traindrive for me.

    Good luck at the tables!

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    3.) Tue, 16.04.19, CCC, Vienna, 18:00-01:00

    This was a weird session…
    I was pretty card dead at the beginning, then I got many good hands, then got coolered and I had the image of a loose aggressiv. But from the beginning.
    I am at a loose passiv table. If I raise, I c-beg on every dry or high flop. This time their are more deep players.
    I have 94o in the SB.
    Couple of limpers, I check.
    Flop (6) 5?9?9? rainbow.
    I lead out, player on my right calls my 3.
    Turn (12) Brick
    I bet 5, he minraises. I hate life and call.
    River (32)
    I check, he bets 10, I call and sure enough he had me outkicked.
    This is the very next hand.
    I have KT of clubs on the button. 2 limps, I make it 7. One limper calls. He is loose passiv.
    Flop (17) Qc Th 5c
    He checks, I bet 11, he calls.
    Turn (39) 5d
    He checks, I bet 15, he calls.
    River (69) 9c
    He checks, I bet 25, he raises to 71… I tank. Nobody bluff raises the river, so what could he called two streets? The nut flush? Loose passivs won’t raise straights or trips here. And even the most passiv players raise QQ or TT preflop. So he could only beat me with the nut flush or quads. I call,he shows 99 for his absolute miracle river… I really hate life.
    I won a semi big pot with a set.
    I have AKo in middle position. I raise to 7 after limps and the same opponent who coolered me calls. (He limp/calls almost any 2 and hits!)
    Flop (16) K Q 9 with a flush draw.
    Check, bet 13, call
    Turn (42) Brick
    Bet 20, he folds.
    Got 2 times AK in the same orbit and this time won preflop.
    The table became nitty.
    I 3-bet bluff the right players and showed my bluffs. (Don’t how smart this is)
    One player named me king of bluffs.
    A before I forget, I lost twice with a weak full house against quads… but only small.
    At the end of the session I again got one playable hand after the other and my stack recovered without any big pots.
    I leave the Casino 80€ richer.

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    Hey man! Hopefully you are enjoying the course!

    If you want feedback on hands the best place will be in the discord app. It’s okay to post them here also, but please use a hand recreator

    http://www.pokerhandreplays.com works well. Then we can see the action better

    good luck and keep us posted!

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    I hope so too^^. Thank you for the tipps. I wrote those with my phone and didn’t have a computer with me. So here are my last three sessions. Now I’m home again. At the end I will sum up my one week poker vacation.

    4.) Wen, 17.04.19, CCC, Vienna, 18:00-01:00

    This session was insane, really insane…
    One observation, which may motivate the ones who are angry about the fish having luck. On one of my first hands I got coolered and was stacked 100€. The guy who won had already won about 100€, so he was up 200, and I was down 100. Guess who had won over 300€ at this evening and who had lost his entire 300 BB stack. This happened to another player. He was a wannabe pro, was impolite and to serious. We were 3 handed on a dry!!! flop, I got aces. The wannabe lead into me with half of his stack. I minraised to isolate him. The good online player to my right went all in for over 100€ and I was forced to fold my bullets. The wannabe had a runner runner straight draw and hit. The online player showed a set. Again, guess who had to rebuy chips. Btw, I stacked him in a 160€ pot :) At the end of the session the table was incredible fishy, their were 3 winning players who had over 1000€ on the tables and sharing the money of the fish. My standard raise size was 20 and I still got 3 callers… I think at the end the players didn’t like me because I questioned their decisions. (Calling with like T7 against a huge preflop raise) and whispering things like: Why don’t you fold. Or once a dealer asked: “wait a moment, is this really 1/1?” and I replied “I don’t understand this table either” But from the beginning.
    In the very first orbit someone opened to 6. I call from the SB with KQ of hearts. (Normally I would 3-bet but I decide to first observe the players.) The BB calls.
    Flop (20): Qs Qd 2d
    I check, BB checks, Aggressor bets 9, I call, BB raises, Aggressor folds, I call
    Turn (70isch): Brick
    I check, he goes all in and has my 100BB covered. Bad players could definitely overplay a weaker queen. I call, instantly show, he does to and sure enough he got me outkicked. I say: “nice hand” and give the dealer 100€ for a rebuy. I patiently waited for my time to shine and few orbits later I looked down at two red queens in late position. I raised it up two 7 and 3 players called.
    Flop (30): Qs Ts 3s
    Checked to me, I bet 11 and get one customer.
    Turn (47): 3d
    Nice, if he tries to get a flush or already has one he will get stacked. (Effective stacks are about 120)
    He checks, I bet 22, he calls.
    River (96): Qc
    Ok 3 queens were enough, but hey, first time quads. And he leads for 40. I wait a few seconds and announce all in. He tanks for a while then asks: “Do you really have one queen in your hand?” I look at my cards then say: “No” He folds a pair of tens (ok…) and I say: “I have both of them”
    The game was really good, I played very aggresiv, raised backdoor draws and gutshots. The guy on my left was a nice online player I had a good time with. We respected each other and we both had healthy stacks. Then I look down at AA the first time on this evening in EP. I raised it up to 8, he called, the wannabe pro who was new called.
    Flop (26): T 8 5 rainbow.
    Nice flop, I thought. I continue for 13, the good player on my left called, the wannabe raised to 30. I asked him how much he has left, he doesn’t say anything and looked away but he would be all in after a minraise. I do so, but the player on my left raises all in for 200 BB effective, I insta folds and the player hits running straight cards…
    In a limped pot I coolered him back with straight over straight. New players who just seemed to learned Poker yesterday came to the table. It was impossible to iso-raise so I tightened up and raised to 20€ preflop…. Then I get aces raise to 20 and get 3 callers. I go for max value, 2 players went all in with like 50isch. I call and have the goods. The same happened with pocket queens later. It was already 3 am. and I left the Casino 327€ richer.

    5.) Thu, 18.04.19, CCC, Vienna, 18:00-08:00

    This session started up really well, then went catastrophic and ended up good… At the end I played 1/2€ which definitely is hard to beat for me at the moment. The problem is maybe also, that I’m not used having this much money infront of me. Funnily enough that was the reason I could recover from my hole. So at the beginning their were no interesting hands.I played as usual. The good player from yesterday was also their. Then it started. I bluff flop and turn with a open ender, got their on the river, he raised, I made the (bad) call and he showed the backdoor flush. Then later I lost a flush against flush. Run into pocket aces with TPTK and was down 300 or so. The game ended and we sit on the 1/2€ table. I played far too tight and too passiv and for the regs my hand was pretty face up. The game was too big for me, because we practically played 1/2/4… I hate straddles. The other players tried to push me out of everything, then this happened.
    I looked down at TT and it got limped to me on the BB. The straddle was on. I made a disciplined isoraise to 28 and one limper reraised me to 90. I thought to fold but then decided that would be far too weak. I call and the straddler calls. I ask the reg I had a good time with, what I have. He replied Tens or Jacks. Flop comes 5 5 T. Life is good, as the preflop aggressor goes all in, I call and the other guy calls with a dead flush draw. Everybody knew that I had tens now, I showed and the aggressor showed A Q and just wanted to bluff me of. Later on I had I pretty face up flush, J high, and a player tried to get me of that with a river check raise. Before I forget, a pro was also on the table. Once I 3-bet him, somebody came over the top and was all in and the pro showes too. I say: “Don’t think their is a 4-bet bluffing range, I lay this down.” I show AK. The pro compliments me for this fold and wins with KK against 99. Later something similar happened, I 3-bet the pro, someone 4-bets all in, the pro call and I call QQ. The ace came on the flop and even before the pro could reach for chips, I let my hand go face up. AK vs 77. The pro told me that was the right way to play the hand. It was already morning and after the long night I left the Casino 220€ richer.

    6.) Fri, 19.04.19, CCC, Vienna, 20:00-13:00

    This session I learned where the money really comes from. A drunk player with a run had 700 € and stacked me preflop against my AK. But at the end I won 200€ net from him. Meanwhile against tight passiv players, even if you win many small pots their is rake. However if one player who is donating money is on the table, everyone wants to get their share and play more hands and because such players are always rebuying, their is much money on the table. I changed the Casino for the high hand event. (Best hand an hour wins 50, I got it ones^^)Table was good and friendly, I was the only good player. It went well. I left the Casino 300€ richer.

    7.) Sat, 19.04.19, CCC, Vienna, 21:00-05:00

    So, last session of the week, and this one sucked. Was really card dead, my draws didn’t come and then my pocket tens which I iso raised big hit a set and lost against a flush… Ok… The tables were somehow bad, although it is Saturday evening. I didn’t want to play anymore and ssaid “GG, seat open” I left the Casino 300€ poorer

    Close to 700 Euro profit. I was very generouse with my tips, but the rake is also very good in Vienna, so it’s ok. It was a very nice trip. Weather was good, city is beautiful, players were (mostly) friendly and only few incidences happened. Once a wannabe pro got tilted. He called everyone bad, but couldn’t win… Then the drunk player with a hot run said that he’s an idiot and the wannabe always crying left the table xD I obviously took the side of the drunk player as the floorman came (He still had plenty of money to win) Gladly he didn’t get kicked out.

    Now I will take time to study and then I will defy a bankroll. Hope the players in Switzerland aren’t that good^^

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    Before I forget. Here the summary in numbers.

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    Nice work man!
    Nothing you can do in hand #1 obv
    Hand #2 I’d like to see a bigger iso size. I’m not aware of the table dynamice but I think like 8-10bb would be better. I imagine only going 7 will end in a 3-4 way spot a lot which we don’t want.

    Hand #3 great fold there. Once he puts in the backraise he’s just so nutted.

    good luck in the coming sessions!

    stanced volvo
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    Hey, also a student playing live gl with your blog.

    MW pots in live poker are pretty hard to play, but the key is to focus on the villain who has the narrowest range so if ur OTF with a nit and a fish you need to doing a lot of checking to villain with the tightest range same goes for OTT and OTR.

    If both villain’s are fish in the hand with a wide vpip and you are OOP/1st to act your betting freq should go down compared to HU, but if you are IP vs 2 wide vpip fish i’d prolly bet close to same freq as HU pot vs fish. This is just my theory or me guessing however to get the accurate answer you would need to buy a MW solver to give you the direct answer.


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    my name is Soraya and I am a Journalist based in Vienna. For a reportage I am looking for someone who is willing to talk about his poker experience. Are you interested?

    Greetings Soraya

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    Hey Soraya,

    I’m an inexpericenced player with only about 60 hours of playing, but if you like, I can help you out. Just write me an email “[email protected]”.


    hey soraya, would you like to buy some cocaine?

    Why not… xD



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    what about regular PLO games in Europe? I am pretty sure this game is not popular and 95% of tables are for Texas Holdem, right?

    Are there any crazy drunk businessman in closed games with straddle-re-straddle, Mississippi straddle and so on?

    Thought about spending some months in the UK and other casinos

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    Hey Raven, how is your math study going?
    Are you still grinding live?
    If you are still active in this community hit me up in discord, Euro8000.
    I’m living close to Luzern and have a blog here as well if you would like to learn more about me.
    see ya

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