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    So one thing i didnt actually realise until the last 6 months or so was that GTO sizings are similar in expectation. At least thats according to the moderators over on GTO+. Please inform me if thats wrong.

    I noticed based upon different analysis, that different players use different sizes. The contrasts were: Jonathon Little/Doug Polk and Kanu. Im talking about cbetting in this example. The former believing mostly smaller with large range advantage is the way forward, where as Kanu believes larger with range advantage is right.

    So assuming sizes are similar in expectation, whats the best way to learn sizing? Or is it more open to interpretation, and thats why we see this?


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    I’m not an expert on the subject but I think starting with small sizings on the flop is going to be the simplest.

    Reason being is that we can just bet small for our entire range on a ton of boards and then by the turn we know what our range looks like and can study the spots more effectively.

    If you’re looking to use bigger sizings on the flop you’ll need to check much more often which will force you construct your range properly in all spots. This is tough and takes a lot of mental energy¬† (and a ton of time of the tables) ingame which you could just save by using a small depolarized flop strategy. Then on the turn it can be tough again because of your mixed flop range.

    just my opinion, but I’d fairly confident most grinders are just going small

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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