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    I c-bet the flop very big to protect flushdraws against 2

    on the turn I check because of pott controll, I call because i think he just floatet on flop and tries to steal with a missed flushdraw.

    I donk the river and try to represent an Ace, I think I could represent a suited Ace that missed the flush draw or 2pair A8/A5. I put him all In to let him know I would like his bountie.

    What do you think? should I give up on the river? Or was it totally missplayed before? Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Yours Daniel

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    I don’t play tourneys so take this for what it’s worth

    Flop I would mainly just be checking here. If I bet I would just use a small size. Equity denial is nice yeah, but if you’re called, especially by the IP player then it’s very tough to reach showdown on most runouts. Which is why I prefer checking to start. You can’t get more than 1 street of value with your hand here really. You can also choose to check a lot of strong hands here and either x/call or x/raise the flop.

    As played the turn is close IMO. He has some draws sure, but he’s also going to be barreling river with them. Your hand should be strong enough to peel one here though.

    River I don’t think betting accomplishes much. Basically just targetting a Q that floated flop and bet turn? He’s fold an A and you beat some missed draws. I would just check decide here. I also don’t really think you play a suited Ax like this. Maybe I’m wrong but I assume you keep checking the river.

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    makes sence what you say, thank you a lot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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