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    Guys I have one trouble spot from the milly, I would like to hear you feedback

    BB is recreational, BU is reg, locked, have only 20hands on him
    Texture should be pretty good…BB has million of snap folds and BU also didnt connect so good
    On the flop I plan to cbet my strong FDs
    I remember should be careful with weaker FDs when MW so I checked and would do the same with other weaker draws
    Also can go for some c/raises with Ax Kx fds

    Not sure how many top pairs I can bet…whats the weakest TP you bet here? I bet QJ+

    Flop easy c/c
    Turn not really sure how agressively he barrels
    In general dont expect him to be any crazy and think his range is mostly strong draws, some JTs, maybe T9cc or A5s and some weaker FDs
    Dont really expect him to bet hands like 44 55
    Was thinking about c/jamming if I can fold out some hands
    But cant really see him folding Ahigh FDs, Khigh FDs are TPs+FD + dont expect him to barrel randomly so I play it safe and just call
    If I hit I donk jam river

    Whats your play here?

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    i would personally raise all-in on the turn.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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