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    Hey guys, I have been struggle on the 2NL for some time, I had some pretty bad result on January making me not playing February, I coming back now to try and make something out of poker.
    Sorry for the bad english.

    This is a 2NL zoom session than I played on March fourteen.
    (I not using HUD while playing because I haven’t bought yet) :\
    Villain (VP 20/PR 19/3B 13/CB 100 – Hands 77)
    Hero (VP 15/PR 11/3B 4/CB 77 – Hands 276)

    https://www.weaktight.com/h/5c8a4f53d39043b7568b4818 – Hand History

    https://www.weaktight.com/r/5c8a4f53d39043b7568b4818 – Replay Hand

    My thougts on the hand: I Open on MP and BTN Raises me, flops comes TcJdAd, and I go for a check raise against the small bet of the villain (I go for a check-raise because the flushs and the A are not folding there, the board is wet and I have a big hand), he calls, Turn comes a Qc and I check fold against a half bet pot. I can’t figuere it out If I made the right decision on the turn.
    My villain range was: AA, AK, QQ, QK, JK, JQ, TT, TK, (some weird K hands than they like to play (K7+ and some flush K) and flush draws. I believe when he bets even half pot on the turn he has some K and my trips there is no good.


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    Hey, I’m going to run this in a solver later today. My suspicion is that we don’t want to be doing much x/raising on this flop at all because he has an range advantage.  I’ll see and post later.

    As played it’s a really tough spot. He could be overplaying AQ though which might cause me to call here. But if we call we’re committed I think so just shoving would be fine. But folding doesn’t look that bad either tbh.

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    So x/raising flop is good actually. We can x/raise flop at a pretty high frequency even though we’re at a massive equity and EV disadvantage (not sure why tbh but will try to find out and let you know)

    On turn you can just x/fold here vs the pop because he has to be turning a ton of hands into bluffs which I don’t see him doing here. I think many will just take the free equity with their weak 2 pairs and Ax with a FD. So I think your fold is fine as an exploit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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