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    Me :160bb deep

    Hero: 100 bb deep

    I got A3c in SB , 3 players limp , Button raise 21 . I just call with my Ax. I know I can mix it up to 3 bet this hand . I used to do that few times before during the session so I just call . I think I made mistake against Button range .

    To flop we are 3 players

    Flop 7c5d2h

    Check, check , button bet 45 .

    I call with my gutshot and BDFD  , mp fold

    Turn Ts

    Check, button check .

    When button check this turn his range is caped for me . He got some suited brodways, AK AQ . He can have also a middle pair

    River 6d

    I decided to take the lead on this turn because when he check turn for me he was so confident about a weak hand .

    I bet 100 in 170 .

    My oppenant got 170

    Finally he call with 54s

    I knew I made mistake about 3 betting preflop , do I to check the river and give up . Do I have some showdown value ?

    I thought if I didn’t take the lead my opponent will win the pot .

    If I can have some advice , thanks



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    Hey please us a hand converter next time.

    Pre is too loose imo and I would mainly just be folding vs his big iso. His range here should be pretty strong, so it’s not like a normal SB vs BU spot. So I wouldn’t use this in my 3betting range. I’d rather use a stronger range. You’re going to be dominated way too often.

    As played it looks okay.

    River you want to think about what your value range for betting looks like and then start adding your best bluffs. So here you can def have some sets and mid PPs as well as 89s which he shouldn’t have often at all. I agree his range looks pretty capped, so you should include some bluffs in your range.

    Blocking Ax kind of sucks because that’s the portion of his range you’re targetting, but he also has some 8x, 7x , 99, etc that will have a tough time calling.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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