Coming at you fresh from the lab! Not even the poker elite know the applications covered in this course. Bounty / Knockout Tournaments have become wildly popular, but are much more complex than standard structured MTTs. To this date, most players are just guessing at the correct plays.


How Tough Are The Concepts Around Knockout Tourneys?

Essentially it would take a math genius to figure them out

So, that’s what we did! Bencb recruited his trusted math geek and theoretical physicist “w3cray” to get to work and dive into the Craft of Knockout Poker! Months were spent locked away running simulations and exploring the true math behind this fast growing form of poker tournaments. What we found was astounding! Even the highest stake crushers were making major mistakes!

The Craft of Knockout Tournaments

Raise Your Edge is proud to bring the work of “w3cray” to the world of poker players who want to dominate Bounty Tournaments. This material is so new and advanced that even Bencb just started applying the learnings from this cutting edge course!




Everything You Need

Crush The Competition! Never be unsure about your actions in a bounty tournament again. This could be our most valuable course yet! With the rise in popularity of bounty tournaments and influx of recreational players there are massive opportunities in these tournaments. We give you the theory behind solving spots, plenty of practice hands as well as a brand new tool to calculate the equities required for hunting.

Powerful Bounty Software.

Simple, Yet Powerful.

We developed a tool to account for all factors in bounty tournaments to give you precise equities required for all scenarios. Never again are you left wondering whether or not its profitable play.




About me

I’m “w3cray”. I work as a theoretical physicist and am currently working on my PhD. I’m the type of person who wants to know how things really are; nothing is taken as granted or given. I will research, test and double confirm everything until I understand how things work and correlate. My poker journey began in 2005, but I started to to take the game seriously in 2014. I focused a lot on concepts like shortstack, ICM and GTO play. This allowed me to compete in the mid and high stakes that I continue to play today. I accelerated my growth through having a great circle of poker players to discuss with, including Bencb. I hope this course helps you to achieve your poker dreams!

My Poker Buddies

Nico is a study mate of mine for a very long time. He is part of TeamGatsbyKempinho, a poker group with Fedor Holz, Rainer Kempe, Steffen Sontheimer and Koray Aldemir and many mors, for many years. I highly admire his mathematical understanding of the game. He improved my math background of the game tremendously. You can literally call him my GTO and Math coach.

bencb789, RaiseYourEdge Owner and Head Coach

Nico/w3c.ray was my first coach in mtt-poker. He helped me a lot at the transformation from a funplayer to a professional by believing in me, when I was not. Nico is not only a super nice guy, but also a very good teacher. Especially when it comes to theory topics he is very good in explaining the maths behind a strategy in a simple manner. His coachings make it easy for me, as a person without a good maths background, to understand the fundamental concepts in topics like ICM and PKO’s.

Raisertight, Online Mid to Highstakes Tourney Reg

For everyone who wants to improve their Game in Bounty Tournaments the bounty course should be a snap buy. Nico explains everything in a understandable,interesting way, even the math Part   Really great work Big thanks to Nico

AlfderHeld, Online Mid to Highstakes Tourney Reg

Thank you so much for this course, I just started with the ICM video and eventho I had already studied icm with the masterclass it brings smth new. I love the way @w3c.ray try to understand how programs work. It taught me a lesson and I would love to take this way of thinking in other areas of my life. You really give me the drive to study, to be smarter and to push my limits.

WannabeScandi, Masterclass and Bounty Beast Customer

Ruling bounties requires a deep mathematical understanding; “w3cray” is a crack when it comes to this, he has already solved several mathematical questions i had. My bounty game is on another level with his help, and I know anyone who can learn from him is going to benefit huge!

HealTheWorld, Live and Online HighStakes Reg
Hey guys ! I got in the Bounty course recently, I already have the MTT expert course. First, a huge thanks to @Bencb and @w3c.ray for the courses and all the great work you’ve put into these. It is just incredible how much I learned in just a few weeks and I can’t express my gratitude to you!
Pendul7, Masterclass & Bounty Beast Owner




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