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Are you set on putting some serious effort into studying tournament poker, but find yourself lost when it comes to choosing a specific tool?

These days there are dozens of poker tools available, each one claiming that it’s the only tool you’ll need. Chances are, devoting yourself to 1-2 main tools is the best way to learn fast and effectively, but choosing the right tool for you can be tricky. Here we’ll talk about Raise Your Edge head coach Bencb’s favorite tools that he uses to study tournament poker, and go over a brief tutorial on how you can use each of them.

Let’s dive in!

Table of contents

Power Equilab:

Power Equilab is a simple and yet incredibly useful tool for studying both tournaments and cash games, especially when you are just getting started with studying poker. This tool is an advanced equity calculator capable of just about anything when it comes to analyzing odds and equity.

Some of its main features include:


Let’s say you put your opponent on a range of hands, and want to know how your range stacks up against them. Using Equilab you can quickly calculate your range’s equity against your opponents range and then select the heatmap function. All of the hands from your range will become color coded according to their equity.

This feature is modifiable in order to study continuing ranges and auto profit situation, as you can adjust your range and your opponents range across turns and rivers.

Playability Profiles:

Using the playability editor you can create different scenarios for In Position and Out of Position play and use them selectively. After applying equity realization factors you can see the difference between the equity that you have on paper and the equity you’ll have when you have to play the hand on the flop, turn and river.

This feature is great when it comes to understanding the difference between raw equity and being able to actually realize that equity.

Equity Graph:

Want to know how many boards will be good for your range?

The equity graph shows you on how many flops, turns and rivers you’ll have a certain amount of equity. This is especially helpful when you want to analyze your gameplan. Are you folding too many flops due to the low equity your whole range has? There are more features within this powerful tool, and it’s completely free to check them out here. Watch some tutorials online and get studying!



The second tool on this list is perfect for drilling MTT scenarios, analyzing tournament hands and much more. ICMIZER is a 3-in-1 professional poker software suite that includes a preflop ICM/FGS Nash Equilibrium calculator as well as an MTT training software.

Let’s go over each of these features briefly.

The flagship feature of ICMIZER is the tool around which the software was first built. This powerful preflop MTT calculator can analyze the ICM scenario for any tournament situation you give it, providing exact results showing what hands would be profitable jams/calls from any position.

You can import your hand histories into the program and immediately see the ICM implications and whether your decision was the right or wrong move. The program utilizes ICM theory, FGS and chip-ev models to offer a wide range of tools for optimizing your preflop Push/Fold strategy.

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MTT Coach:

The newest update to ICMIZER, The MTT coach allows you train your push/fold skills in a variety of tournament structures and situations. You can customize your training based on how many players are left at the table, relative stack sizes, and the situation at hand to refine your push/fold skills. The software will adjust to your skill level, making the questions easier at first, then rising in difficulty as you improve.

You can also drill early, mid and late game situations across many different popular tournament formats and work to climb the leaderboard on each one. There is also a mobile version of MTT Coach which allows you to quickly drill spots and practice on the go. ICMIZER is a great tool for players wanting to quickly improve at tournament poker. This powerful tool is very slick and user-friendly, and with in-depth tutorials like this you’ll know the program inside and out within a day.

The MTT Coach software is one of the best ways to quickly improve your push/fold game, as you’ll get instant feedback on every decision you make.

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Holdem Resource Calculator:

An alternative to ICMIZER, Holdem Resource Calculator (HRC) is another great tool for studying ICM scenarios. Widely used by professional poker players, the program is a great asset for studying preflop strategy in tournament poker. This program is a bit more complex than ICMIZER, but does have some additional features that serious grinders can take advantage of.

Some benefits include:

The Quick Analyze feature, which allows you to automatically analyze your entire session for potential mistakes.

Future Game Simulation, allowing you to get improved equity estimates with the most advanced FGS implementation available.

Multi Table ICM Calculation, allowing you to calculate ICM effects before the final table.

Advanced Hand Calculation, allowing you to calculate Nash Equilibrium ranges for not only push/fold scenarios but also 3-bet and 4-bet situations.

This program is recommended for players who are fairly confident in their abilities as a tournament poker player and want to take their study to the next level.

It is a bit more complex than ICMIZER, but allows for a lot more analysis in the right hands.

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The final recommendation in this list is the software that Bencb uses to gather information on his opponents as well as track their tendencies. This software is called a HUD or Heads Up Display, and tracks every action a player takes during every hand they play with you. Over time this allows for massive amounts of information on your opponents, allowing you to exploit them.

Some of Hand2Note’s features include:

– A Dynamic HUD allowing for extreme customization. Only see what you want to see.

– Excludes Reg vs Fish spots. Whenever the HUD sees that a professional player is taking an exploitative line versus a certain weaker opponent, this hand is excluded from their stats.

– Watch your opponent’s previous showdowns while playing, in case you missed an important hand they played that might yield some information.

– A fully customizable hand replayer

– Automatic range analysis using historical data to guess at what range of hands your opponent has in a given scenario

There is a reason this HUD is used by Bencb to play the highest stakes tournaments available today. The amount of customization and the user-friendly interface make it an essential for anyone playing on sites allowing a HUD.

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