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The Secret to Playing Multiway Preflop

  One of the key fundamentals in poker is the concept of “card removal”   We can all agree facing preflop decisions against only 1 opponent is much more comfortable than facing 2 or more opponents. However, as we know poker is not a game of comfort! How do you [...]

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Who is Bencb?

Hello World! I hope everyone had a great SCOOP and took some time to relax and unwind. I know many of you also went to Vegas for the 2019 World Series of Poker to start off the 6 week intense grind! I will be joining you soon (details below). This is an exciting time [...]

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A Quick Chat With Dramatic Degen

twitch.tv/DramaticDegen @tdarroch @TJDarroch Hey Travis, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Pleasure to chat with you! You have been on fire as of late in the poker department! Congrats on that. Can you share your results in the last few months and what your most [...]

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Winning with Matt Staples

The avenue to being a profitable poker player is still wide open if the correct amount of work @matthew_stapless @MattStaplesPKR @mattstaples Hey Matt, Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! So where in the world are you these days? I’m currently living back home where I [...]

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Minding your Mindset: The Blame Game

I wish I had taken the safe route and did a traditional career. My parents were right. I see all my friends I went to school with making money. I have so many downswings. Everybody else is always winning. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I hate poker. Many [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Mindfulness

As we learned in the previous article, self awareness is indispensable. To that effect, I mean a truly high level of self awareness. The only way to achieve this level of self awareness is through mindfulness exercises. The most popular and the most impactful exercise is meditation. In this article I want to [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Self Awareness

Self awareness is like a muscle. A muscle we spend working out everyday, and if you skip days it will deteriorate. How do I become more self aware in game? To be honest, there’s no one answer that fits all, but I can tell you that it is damn important. [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Downswings

Let's start with one of the most impactful mistakes - Falling in love with your poker hand. We all hate it; we don't want it, but have to face it. There is no way around it; only straight ahead through it. I’m talking about the dreaded downswing The Raise Your [...]

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The Man Behind Call, Muck, Thank You (callmuckty).

Follow Him @callmuckty Sunday Million Final Table Review Hi Callmuckty, thanks for taking the time to do this interview, how are you doing today? Hey mate, doing very well, a bit tired after such a long Thursday grind but I get used to it. What days tend to [...]

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RoiRoiDame Weathers The $1,000,000 Sunday Storm

Anniversary Sunday Storm Review with Bencb - Coming Soon "My goal for the first 6 months in 2018 was to make at least $2000 profit" Hi Roi, how are you doing today? Doing well, doing well, and you? Very well thanks, no complaints! Have you done anything special to celebrate [...]

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