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Don't Do These If You Want To Win At Poker 🧵

Today, we're diving deep into the dark side of poker strategy / mindset – the mistakes that can turn you from a consistent winner into a breakeven grinder.

Table of contents

1) “When we have to call Turn we have to call River.”

One of the worst beliefs I have seen among students. Rivers can change everything and shift Equities massively in your opponent’s favor, thus us folding most of our range.”

2) Randomising. (For 99,9%, not necessary)

Maybe on ultrasupersoniceliteskyhighnosebleeds with a tiny pool and all the GTO wizards in the mix. Otherwise, use your brain, and don’t be lazy relying on a clock.

3) Trying to be balanced

Same here.
Your fancy syndrome will cost you more than you think.
Most of your winrate will come from your strong hands. So VALUE BET! Stop trying to trick your Netflix-watching opponent who cares 0 about your line.

4) Imagining stuff u gonna buy with the money u might win

Poker winnings belong to ur capital, ur bankroll. Mostly reinvested into climbing up the stakes. If u need money to cover your expenses, this is not a good sign. Play Poker PROFESSIONALLY only when you can afford it.

5) Annoying your friends with your boring ass badeats

Nobody cares. Get over it. It happens a gazillion times, and nobody wants to talk about Poker with you. Just shows how attached you are to the results.
If you are too attached to the results, Poker ain’t for you.

6) In Deepruns “hoping” for easy decisions & coolers in your favor

You are money scared, afraid of being out of your comfort zone. Tough decisions have to be made. That’s where the money is at stake. Get used to it; embrace it. Being nervous is okay. Accept it, or you will fuck up.

7) “Playing back” against certain opponents on the table

Put your Ego aside and focus on a long-term winning strategy and not try to “play back” just because the guy on your table is annoying with his 3bets or whatever he is doing. Instead, learn to manage your Emotions.


Don’t do this in Poker. 🧵

Poker is as much a mental game as it is a game of skill. By avoiding these seven deadly poker sins, you’re not just improving your game; you’re evolving as a player.

I hope I opened your eyes and you will make a change when it comes to some of these situations/beliefs.

Which ones do you resonate with or have you experienced in others the most?

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Stay strong, champs!

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