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120,000 Win for RYE Member Dabledore

Congrats Dabledore on your $120,000 score in the ACR Million Dollar Sunday tournament! Has it sunk in yet?

Yes. (Sorry lol couldn’t think of anything more that I wanted to say here)

Could you give us some understanding of your poker background? How long you have been playing? Where? and what formats?

I’ve been playing poker for just about a year now. I first got into it because Jaime Staples was featured on the front page of Twitch and for some reason unknown to me now I decided to click onto his page. Before his stream I knew only the very basics of the rules of the game and had no real interest in it, but after watching his stream for about 6 months, I felt like I needed to get in on it too. I started off depositing about a hundred dollars on an American site and played .01/.02 because there wasn’t really any microstakes tournaments available on the site. I would try to play 3 or 4 hour sessions, maybe four or five times a week, 6-tabling. As far as studying goes in those early days, I basically just did hand review and tried to find free content as I didn’t really have the bankroll to get on a training site. After a few months, I had busted my roll a few times and was feeling frustrated with cash games, but I then found out that a site called ACR had a decent microstakes MTT schedule so I put some moeny on there. From there, I was playing $1-$5 tourneys, until I satellited into the $55 MOSS Micro High Roller in the Spring OSS and got 2nd for about $7k. This really jumpstarted my career as I was able to get on a training site and improve my game very fast. Since then, I’ve been playing about 5 days week on bascially solely ACR, playing everything from some $5.50s to occasional $320s.

What was your biggest score prior to this win?

My biggest when previously was about two months ago in the last OSS series. I came 5th in MOSS #2, a $55 150k, for about $9k.

Who was the first person you contacted after you locked up the money?

I had some poker friends railing me on Discord who I celebrated with right afterwards, but the first “IRL” person I talkd to was my dad, who I called about an hour after it was over when he had just woken up, which I found funny since I had just played a 17 hour tourney that ended at 6:30 am. Possibly unrelated, but I’m a college student and had four classes that day, which I did actually go, and only slept through one of them.

How has Raise Your Edge, in particular the Tournament Masterclass, changed or improved your game since you joined?

I was previously on another training site, but felt that the content just wasn’t really helping me improve my game, so during a three week or so run of terrible results, I decided to buy the Tournament Master Class because I had heard so many good things about it and was looking for a new learning environment. I haven’t worked my way through all of it yet, but I think it is just leaps and bounds ahead of what almost all other training sites are offering. Ben does a great job of not just offering strategy advice but actually telling you how you can put it into practice. He is also very good at teaching you how to improve on your own, which I think is one of the most important things to learn if you want to become a very succesful player.

What would you say is the best part of the RYE community?

I love the Discord interaction from Ben and the other RYE coaches. They respond very frequently to hand discussions and offer some really great insights.

What is your plan now in life and poker now that you have a pretty nice roll to play around with?

For now, my life will stay the same for the most part. I’ll keep working on my degree as a back-up plan, but I plan on continuing to pursue poker full-time. I’m considering moving out of the States in 6-8 months to get access to the full schedule, but we’ll see when I decide to go down that road.
As far as my bankroll goes, I only plan on increasing my bankroll a little bit to more comfortably allow me to play the games at the top of my schedule right now. I basically play everything on ACR besides the High Rollers and will continue to do so until I move out of the States.